View Full Version : when is the worst time of year for you?

01-16-2008, 05:52 PM
I find that Christmas time wipes me out. I do way too much, then I am spent after the holidays. Last year, it lasted until February- I couldn't even turn a door knob or open pill bottles. I'm feeling pretty good right now and I hope it continues. I'm just curious if anyone else has certain times of the year that are worse. I know that I can't be out in the sun too much, it drains me. So does going shopping where there are lots of fluorescent lights (like Wal-mart) (The shopping doesn't bother me as much when I am not flaring)

sick n tired
01-16-2008, 11:50 PM
Hi Karen,

As I said on another message, Christmas really wiped me out. It is good to hear someone else say that they are not bounced back, yet. I believe that I am still trying to get back to where I was. Understand, where I was before Christmas, actually Thanksgiving was not great, but I was starting to get on my feet some. Like the pain in my feet was going away and I could grip things with my hands.

Now the Doctor has taken me off of plaquenil for a week to see if my symptoms, (dizziness,ringing in the ears, had aches) are caused by the drug. It sounds like the progress that I felt with it will be greatly hindered....sigh....

As far as when it is better........ with lupus the summer is the worse. I am sure that is dependent on where you live. I live in Texas and it is sweltering here. The heat alone can totally zap all of my spoons for a month. This winter is not good on the fibromyalgia and reynauds. Of caurse I am in a flare.

I hope you have restful pain free day tomorrow.

In Him,


01-17-2008, 07:22 AM
Yes, the stress of family, ritual, traveling all wear me out. Luckily, the fluorescent lights aren't too much a problem for me, so shopping isn't difficult. (I do my best to avoid crowds, shop early in the day. That's just preference, though!)

I agree though, for me the sunny hot summer days are worst. I end up cloistered inside, or so uncomfortably warm outside I could scream.

Though I wear hats and long sleeves, slacks, year round, in those steamy sunny hot days, the full covering becomes a bit claustrophobic. Can't imagine wearing a bourka - but sometimes feel I might as well be!

I keep threatening to move even further north. Minneapolis has a nice sound. Or maybe Barrow Alaska... :wink:

01-17-2008, 12:02 PM
I moved to WA State from Texas because of the summer heat. I felt paralyzed by the extreme warmth and blaring sun everywhere. Never could relate to all those people running, playing and basking in the sun!
Love the weather here, but the cold is so hard on the joints and Raynaud's, that the winter basically "closes me down." I did nearly all of my Christmas shopping on line, because I simply could not handle going out in the crowds and cold. Spring and Fall are really my best times, as the cold is not severe (here), and activity is not so harried. Crowds pushing and stressed, as they are during the holiday rush, increases my stress level, which we all know is bad for Lupus. So, much as I love Christmas, I have learned to keep to home as much as possible. But, even with all my precautions, the preparations and parties (I have a 7 year old who had several parties with his groups, plus one from church) of the season have left me feeling like I have been run over by a semi! This time of year is almost hibernation for me - recouperating some strength after the holidays. Seems to be common in this group.
God Bless us, everyone! :P

01-18-2008, 08:24 PM
I absolutely LOVE Christmas, but the past two years it's been very hard for me, too. I feel some sense of urgency, I guess - wanted to be sure that we had a great Christmas because I just don't know how healthy I'll be next year. That's just crazy-making thinking!! We had to pick an alternate date to 'celebrate' because of our sons' work schedules - and then we had a HUGE snowstorm. I was soooo stressed and afraid they wouldn't get to the house. Turned out OK, but I put myself into a bit of a flare worrying about it. Sighhhh

I love the fall, I like the winter (if I can see it from inside a warm house! :lol: ) and I completely adore summer. But, I live in Northern Minnesota, so summer isn't as intense as it is where some of you are. (And we really don't have spring...just mud... :wink: ) All in all, I'd say summer is best for me. I have Raynaud's too, and winter is really hard on me.

01-22-2008, 09:29 PM
Hi Karen,

I live in Florida, and Easter always seems to bring on my first flare of the year.... it's all downhill from there, with me hiding from the sun until about October... I usually have a good Christmas, although I do get fatigued. I take a lot of time off from work, and sleep whenever I feel I need to... my family has gotten used to me disappearing for a nap.

I think Easter does it because of Spring Break and my kids are off and ready to be outside, and I always plan something for them so they can spend time with cousins...