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01-13-2008, 07:01 PM
I've been feeling better (except for the weight gains) but on the few days I've missed my meds and been somewhere without them -- I feel so worn down like I'm not really actually any better. And that depresses me to no end -- the idea of "This could be my life without insurance..." Here's my cocktail... Thoughts?

Plaquenil (Lupus, obviously)
Evoxac (Shogren's dry mouth)
Lipitor (High Cholesterol)
Lyrica (Fibromyalgia)
Advair (Asythma)
Albuterol Replacement - forgot what its called (Asythma)
Zyrtec (Alllergies)
Nasonex (Allergies)
Tramadol (Pain)
Concerta (Lupus Fog - Days)
Ritalin (Lupus Fog - Evening)
Prilosec ES OTC (heartburn)
Monthly B-12 shotes (malaborption)
Assorted Physical Therapy

01-14-2008, 12:40 AM
Hi GlassHalfFull,

I would run all meds through physicians desk reference on line. You can google it to see if there are any conflicts. It's free. Do you do mail order? I am on a lot too, and I do most of it through mail order since I pay for two months and they give me the 3rd month free. Another option is some meds are cheaper through local Samsclub and/or Costco.

I would check out Allegra 180 (generic is Fexofenadine tab 10 mg) instead of Zyrtec and it's cheaper since it comes in generic. I changed to Allegra and, instead of Nasonex, changed to Astelin spray (stronger and don't use it as much).

Since my allergies are so bad, dr. suggested I take Generic over the counter Mucinex; it has Guaifenesin 400 mg immediate release tablets (Costco, SamsClub or Walmart) 1 am & 1 pm. The herb was used to control allergies in anchient times and also control mucus/bronchial fluid. It has really helped. Only a suggestion.

Only a suggestion, maybe check into Dexedrine instead of Concerta since Dexedrine comes in a generic format (usually lasts all day and evening for me); you may be able to eliminate the Ritalin completely. Another option is to switch every other day between Dexedrine and Phentermine 15 mg. Though you don't want to take Phentermine every day because it is highly addictive nor do you want to take Dexedrine and Phentermine together; it's too much for your body. If Phentermine is rotated every other day; you will also lose some weight. Phentermine comes in a generic so it's cheaper, mmm around $13.00 per month.

I have been down this road; it's expensive and depressing to think half of the cabinet is all my meds and what if I didn't have insurance? Very scary. I worked with my dr's to attempt to get everything into a generic format. I have never heard of Tramadol; is it available in generic? Have you tried generic Vicadin ES 7.5?

Mail order through your prescription drug program is really a saving grace if you have it. These are only suggestions; and I am not a doctor. I hope this has helped; they are suggestions only. Please keep us updated.

Take care,

Faith 8)

01-22-2008, 01:53 PM
Hi GlassHalfFull,

How are the meds going? Were you able to eliminate or cut costs by using generic or mail order? I hope so. I hope you are having a good day.

Take care,