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01-13-2008, 11:54 AM
I posted this in another forum but I think I'll get more responses here.

(Sorry if it's a lot of repeat questions.)

Okay - my spouse has recently been diagnosed with SLE. She is in stage 4 Lupus Nephritis, getting cytoxan 1 x a month as needed, dialysis 3 x a week.

They also prescribed prednisone and insulin (she is a diabetic and was medicine-free until they gave her the prednisone).

My question and concern is with the prednisone. Will she HAVE to stay on prednisone? I hear awful stories of long-term prednisone useage. I would like to avoid any further complications (if at all possible).

Also, regarding diet - what type of diet is usually recommended? I realize it will have to be low-sodium, lower protein, and low sugar.

Would a raw food diet (minus alfalfa and high potassium things) be helpful? Any thoughts on organic foods (better? worse? no change?)

What about natural supplements? We had completely controlled her diabetes through exercise, diet, and natural supplements - now with the steroids, she has to take insulin to control her blood sugar.

Any information, insight or experience would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

01-14-2008, 09:11 AM
I responded to you in your other post. Hopefully someone else will give you more insight here. :P


01-16-2008, 01:23 PM
You and your wife have a really complex problem, that I believe would be best unraveled by a professional Dietician. The reason I say this is because it will take a very delicate balance of nutrients to best fit her needs with her mix of disease processes. Generally, the diet in Diabetes would have more emphasis on protein and reduction of carbohydrates, but this would not be best in renal situations. Of course, with dialysis, there are exceptions to some rules.
Many of the larger practices that handle dialysis have a dietician on staff or on a referral basis, and insurances often cover the services. Physicians (no offense intended, honestly) get very little dietary training, and are really not a good resource for your needs. Nurses get a little more dietary training, but still only a fraction of what a practicing dietician would have. I sound like a commercial, don't I. haha Don't have any ulterior motive here - just want to suggest what I genuinely think would be best for her. Hope this is helpful.


01-17-2008, 07:09 PM
I spoke with several people (including nurses & a dietician) and they said, right now, the circumstances considered, a more vegetarian based (low sugar & salt) diet would be best with a focus on raw foods (vegetables and fruits)

Obviously because of the Lupus we would have to try and avoid 'belladona" related items (bell peppers and tomatoes being the main culprits) and also alfalfa.

Protein, they said should be lower and more plant-based (soy being ideal) and would have to be monitored to find the best ratio due to the renal complications that high protein can have.

It'll be a work-in-progress but I think, with time, a balance can be achieved.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions - all are still welcome. :)