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12-29-2007, 05:41 PM
:cry: Okay, so this past Sunday, I had one of those days when my usual symptoms flare up(joint pain, flu all day, temp of 99.6, muscle pain, fatigue, etc.) But this time, along with these other symptoms, I developped a rash on my abdomen, I have never had a rash, and so far, it isn't going away, it appears to be getting worse/spreading. I haven't changed any medicines or dosages around Sunday, and I also haven't eaten any new foods or used any new soaps. I saw my rheumatologist yesterday, and he said it does not look like a drug rash, and he said so the plaquenil I am on probably didn't cause it, and he said there is a possibility that it could be viral, so he said that in a week, if it doesn't go away, to go to a dermatologist and get a skin biopsy because it might be lupus related. Well, I am NOT going to wait a week, I am going to get to a dermatologist as soon as I can to get this taken care of, sadly it is the holidays so I'd imagine many are closed. I am seriously considering going to the ER room just to get rid of this rash. I am one of those people who is grossed out by rashes, and it bothers me so much, I don't like looking at it or touching it.
I am thought to possibly have Systemic Lupus, and not the others types at all. Are rashes still possible in Systemic Lupus? I looked at pics of the discoid, subcutaneous, etc rashes and mine looks nothing like that(HUGS to those of you who do have that type of lupus.)
My rash is on my whole abdomen and also is along the lymph nodes in my pelvic area, and there are a few scattered/spreading :( on my back, neck, chest. They are red/pink, oval/circular-looking. They don't really itch at all, just when my clothes really rub up against it or when I take a hot shower.
Has anyone had this type of rash before? Please please any ideas here, I am sick of this rash!!
Thanks. :)
I hope everyone is doing well!

12-30-2007, 05:30 AM
I was having petichael (sp?) rashes that started on my abdomen after a viral illness trigered a flare. Though I was better, the rash kept getting worse. They joined together so instead of having little dots, I got big round circles. And, over the next few weeks/months they just spread and spread all over my chest, groin, legs, arms etc. They said it was vasculitis. In the past I had just had episodes on my legs and arms, but they had never joined together. It looked absolutely horrible and people would gasp when they saw it as it looked red raw.

It didn't itch, or hurt, it was just there.

I found the things that helped were the steroids ( :roll: ), but also keeping the area cool. I refused hot water bottles and the like and started taking cold showers. The steroids took a few weeks, but it was a lot better after a week. As it is little blood haemorrhages, they take a little while to heal. And my skin was stained for a while after that.

It is essentially gone now, barr a few little dots- but if I have a hot shower or bath it will come straight back. If I get sick and have a fever, it will return. It has gotten a little worse now as I am pregnant and so my temperature is a little higher- but since I started keeping everything cool, it is much better.

Yep, you get lots of rashes with lupus. I seem to discover a new one every month or so lately :?

good luck- and hope it clears up soon.

01-22-2008, 09:04 PM

So, did the rash slowly take over? Haven't seen you out and about?

Nekhbet..you too.

Wondering where you are...rash free I hope.

sick n tired
01-22-2008, 11:32 PM
SoGesele and, Nekhbet,

How are you doing now and did you have a good New Year? I just noticed that the last post was the end of December. I don't know about you, but the holidays just wiped me out.

I am hoping that you both are doing great and maybe the rashes are going away or are gone.

Concerned about you,


01-23-2008, 02:29 PM
I've had this kind of rash many times. I also get it on my chest (so no low cut shirts! lol), my thighs, and even on my arms sometimes. I haven't been to a rheumy when I was actually having this problem. I do know that the heat from hot showers makes it worse, but I am so cold in the morning....well, I usually end up with a hot shower and am bright red. Until you can see a dr. buy some otc hydrocortisone cream. That always helps me.

Good luck....and if you find out what it is, let me know!! Mine also looks nothing like a typical lupus rash....so I stay confused!

01-24-2008, 01:52 AM
Still have a few little petichael (sp?) dots. I doubt at this point they will ever go away completely.

Still pregnant, and the morning sickness has caused me to lose a number of doses of medications and it has triggered a mild flare. I've upped my steroids for the next few weeks, and got some stuff so that I don't throw up any more. I'm feeling better now that I am on the steroids, and am hoping to cut back on them ASAP. Generally I'm going ok, and the Drs are happy with my progress.

I came out with my familiar lupus "sunburn" rash, although it looks simular to a normal pregnancy rash, so who knows.

Generally, I don't think the Drs *can* miss anything, I've got appointments with my OB every two weeks (going to every week in a few months), my maternal foetal specialist every month, and my GP whenever anything else comes up :o and it does :? .

sick n tired
01-24-2008, 09:01 PM
Hi Nekhbet,

Glad to hear that this pregnancy isn't too terrible. My daughter who is pregnat also (29 wks) had to stop taking the vitamins. The folic acid caused her to have a severe reaction. Vomiting, diarhea, cramping and her whole face broke out in a rash. This happened 2 times and it was very scary.

btw Do you know the gender of your baby? Ours will be a girl.

praying for a safe pregnancy,