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12-27-2007, 01:29 PM
Hi every one!

Okay i have been feeling crapy for months now and this last week has been really tough.
I woke upi yesturday and had this slight rash then I went to work and came home took a shower and thats when it started.
I was in the shower and started to feel dizzy, my feet felt like they were on fire! ( from being cold then under hot water) I got out of the shower and noticed these tiny little red dots all over my skin. it was like my blood was trying to come out! I had to lay down, my heart felt like it was beating fast and i was shaking, ( I ate earlier that day ) i went into the kitchen and thought maybe i needed some surgar? ( im NOT diabetic) but what else would i have been shaking from? then i had a couple sips of soda and took some advil ( My head was just throbbing) i could feel my heart beat in my head. I sat on the chair and couldnt move! i felt like everything was spinng.
this has only happend to me 2 times before both after being in the shower. but this time the ringing in my ears and the static sound ( like fuzz on a tv ) i heard wasnt there.
I told my mom i think they are miny sezuires.
has any one ever had this before?
and to add to this today my rash is spread all over my body to the point where i think i may need to be seen.. I made a doc appt tommrow and my derm wont be available for antohter week!
some one please help,.

12-27-2007, 05:46 PM
Do you have a 'walk-in' clinic nearby? Can you call your GP? You should be seen soon - don't wait for your derm to return. I know, you probably don't want to see another doctor - but it could be important to be seen while you're experiencing this flare (or whatever it is.)

I live in Minnesota, too. What part of the state are you in?

12-28-2007, 09:31 AM
i live in apple valley... work in eagan. im going to the doc today @ 3pm

I have been going to aspen medical building in bloomington, ( its a building of speacialists) my derm doc, dr tonya sales, moved from there to dermitology phycians something in st paul on 94? any ways i saw 3 derms there ( st paul) all had the same thought scle.

I have seen an endroconolgist, dr lee at aspen my mri was abnormal, i have fluid on my pitoitory gland and a cyst in my right sinus cavity she thought i might have a slight hypothyroidism? and rynands ?

2 internal med docs, dr hyachia and dr. crane at aspen told me i was depressed and obese! (im 5 '11 240 lbs) I'm hot and yeah a little big but i gained 25lbs from prednizone in less then 2 weeks! ,

dr lang eye doc at aspen thougt i may have possible insuitocerbri tumor? ( its behind your eye? I dont have,

obgyn is a wonderful guy dr. knuff ( i have a-typical cells in my cervix) ,

nurologist at noran clininc in mpls had a lumbar puncture done to get rid of excess spinal fluid in brain! ( i was having really bad headaches form the prednizone) ,

lol rhuemotologist =) at rhuemotology and arthritis soemthing in edina on france, dr skemp. where he thinks i have fibor mylesia, bla bla bla

where in mn do you live?

12-28-2007, 11:55 AM
The shower seems to trigger it? Wow, maybe the showers to hot. When I get bad chills, I draw a a very hot bath. I'm so cold that its never warm enough. My skin to feels like fire though when I get in the water because its cold. After 10-15 min I feel light headed and about to pass out. I get out and go sit in front of the fan, after a short bit I feel OK. I don't take really hot baths anymore. I keep it and my showers the same setting, no matter how cold I feel. So far that has happened again. Please let us know what your doc says, hope your OK. :)