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12-26-2007, 07:45 PM
my girlfriend has lupus sle

she gets this thing every year ( i hear from her family, ive only been seeing her for 6 mos)

its like a flare up or something?

i read about it, it sounds like this pleurisy thing

anybody have any advice for the pain and fever?

she wont take prednisone

she quit it without weening some years ago, yes very dangerous

so far i know she is taking plaquenil, msm, fish/flaxseed/brash oil, cell tissue salts

NSAI's i have given her:
up to 750 mg vicodin (hydrocodone),
tylenol with and without vicodin
tylenol with codeine,

nothing seems to work with the exception of ibuprofen at 600 to 800 mg and that isnt 100% effective :( plus ive heard bad side effects can be possible

also she doesnt like taking that much drugs

the other night i got my first experiencing witnessing how bad it can get, on xmas eve she had a rough nite

i ended up giving her ibuprofen 600mg, moist cloth on her head, cracked the window and let her feet cool off, and played some ambient music for her on the headphones. that seemed to work a little bit. but at 5am it took me to do all that, i dont know if she can do that for herself when she is that bad?

but im not there every night so i am looking for more advice on things she can possibly take or do to minimize the pleurisy

12-26-2007, 08:42 PM
:cry: So sorry your girlfriend is not feeling well at all. I know, I have had many unpleasant symptoms myself. Is she sure it is pleurisy? Has she been to the doc? ***She should not assume it is pleurisy....My chest pain, fever, fatigue and other symptoms stemmed from pulmonary embolism(blood clots in my lungs), pleurisy and pericarditis (inflammation around the heart) I have always been on pred. for it and when the chest pain gets to hurting, I have increased my prednisone so many times, I refuse to do it again . So now, I have been taking Advil. My rheum. says I can take up to 800mg 3 x day for it. So far the Advil has helped, sooo much. I would take advil side effects over prednisone, any day! It would be safe to get her to her doc, pref. a rheumatologist, and get a diagnosis. You are so good to be there for her. Hang in there!
Kimb (No. Calif.)

12-26-2007, 11:17 PM
hi kimb,

thanks for that

although this reportedly happens to her every year around this time of year, is it always a good idea to go see a doctor when it acts up?

i figured it was pleurisy from monitoring her symptoms and reading in the lupus book.

so it can be any number of things?!

ok, so advil and doctor

i got a tip on a doctor to look up somewhat locally

and i will recommend advil too, thanks!!

she just had a routine check up right before this flare up and everything looked fine, but it wasn't a specialist and who knows what they were looking for.


sick n tired
12-26-2007, 11:45 PM
Boy, your girlfriend has a Godsend in you. I think it is great that you are there for her to the extent that you are. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day,


12-27-2007, 09:24 AM
Yes, your girlfriend is lucky to have you! I have found it incredibly helpful to have my husband at my drs appts with me and watch my symptoms. It helps ease the stress!!

12-27-2007, 12:54 PM
thanks ladies

i want to help her

but i am learning i have to handle a lot of this research and stuff myself

it seems for my GF that the less attention she pays to her lupus the better she feels

so thanks to you guys for being there for me!!!


12-27-2007, 05:42 PM
Wow - not paying attention to lupus can be very risky business! It's generally not a disease to take lightly, and it has a way of coming back and biting you if you ignore the symptoms! Encourage her to see a qualified rheumatologist (preferably) who has experience with autoimmune disorders like SLE. Chest pain in lupus can mean a lot of things (as Kimb told you.) Sounds like your GF suffers quite a bit from her flares - she could really benefit from some sound medical advice.

Prednisone is no fun - I want to be DONE with it myself - just as soon as possible! But, if she has symptoms that only respond to steroids, maybe she has to accept that for the short term? Kimb makes a good point, though - if NSAIDs will do the trick, I'd take that over the steroids any day! (Wish it worked for me.....)

You're a 'saint' to help her like you are....we all need an advocate like that in our lives!

12-27-2007, 06:35 PM
What exactly are your gfs symptoms? It would be good to find a doc that is very familiar with lupus. I actually also see a cardiologist and an internal doc, (only when my chest pain starts in) besides my rheumatologist. She may need to take an additional medication, maybe one that is more for inflammation, rather that a pain reliever.
I take pred(down to 7.5 from 100mg 2.5 yrs ago-finally) methotrexate, colchicine, folic acid and protonix. I never took meds before! But, I now I cant help but take what will keep me maintained(I do want to live a semi-normal life)
I dont try to ignore my lupus, but rather, try to keep a positive attitude. Dont get me wrong, I do have bouts of uncontrolable crying when I am in a flare(I blame prednisone for emotional distress)
After my 9 day hospitalization that led to my lupus diagnosis, I keep a real good record of everything....my doseage changes, symptoms, doctor visits, labs, and other important info.
Keep up the great nursing, your gf needs your support and I am sure she is very thankful.

12-27-2007, 11:09 PM
i would agree that not paying attention to lupus can be very risky business

she has been living with it for years, but she has such a strange relationship with it.

she takes plaquenil and some supplements and stuff, and watches her p's and q's

but before i met her she did party a little and im glad to see that she doesnt really any more

but she is quick to remind me that even though an occasional coctail or cigarette at a lounge or a party seems to keep her mind off her condition which in turn was somehow theraputic

so i am trying to help her balance this out, not neglecting her condition, but not dwelling on it. being responsible, but not consumed.

i want her to see a qualified rheumatologist but now i am starting to open the layers of the onion that is health insurance. she doesnt like to talk about it, it stresses her out. i pretty much figured out why. so i am trying to help with that. i just changed jobs so i dont have the money to send her to a doctor with cash at the moment. so...

she has tried to get that all squared away and i think she needs help getting insurance or whatever assistance that would allow her to see a good doctor like some that have been referred to on this site

she sounds good today, hope that it continues...

her symptoms were just bone aches for a long time (we've only been seeing each other for 6 mos)

then right around a week or 2 ago she started with these chest pains, i can hear her shortness of breath, and then fever at night

it sux, if she is staying with me then i take care of her, but it is rough

i read in the lupus book, it sounds like pleurisy but yeah, what do i know, it is nothing to mess with, although she says this happens every year.

i am saving these notes so that i can look up these medications, i got her on the folic acid from the fish/flax/borash oil

but the other ones i will look into

again, i need to figure out a way to get her a health plan

so for now, asking questions, doing research, taking notes, keeping positive attitude, being a nice boyfriend, no stress, lots of just going with the flow :) accepting her little mood swings, not smothering her with concern, etc...