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12-26-2007, 03:30 PM
Sorry if this question seems to be a bit on the stupid side, but do people with Lupus tend to suffer from things like the common cold worse than people without Lupus (or any other mixed connective tissue disease)?

My kids and my mother all have a shocking cold at the moment and are also all being sick. I'm starting to come down with the same thing but I feel as though my entire throat is covered in ulcers to the point that swallowing is a nightmare, my body aches and I feel as though I've been kicked in the back of the neck by an angry horse! :mad:

Add to that that my joint pain got so bad last night I was struggling to walk and my usual anti-inflamatories (sp?) just aren't shifting the pain!

Not the best Christmas for my family but hope you all had a fantastic one and here's to a better New Year!

C xx

12-26-2007, 04:52 PM
I can tell you that my rheumatologist insists that I get a flu shot each year, and have an up to date pneumonia vacine as well. But, I think that's because I take immune suppressant drugs for my lupus. I'm not sure if lupus by itself would make us suffer more drastically from colds and flu - but I'll bet someone else out there can speak to that.

12-26-2007, 10:28 PM
Hi Numpty & Mnjodette,

I agree with Mnjodette! I have been told when you are on immune suppressant drugs, your immune system is next to nothing. I get a yearly flu shot and gammoglobin shots every 3 mos. When I do get sick, yes I am down for the count and it takes me 2-3 times as long to get over it. The flue and gammoglobin shots are a blessing!!

Take care and I hope you are feeling better,

Faith 8)

sick n tired
12-26-2007, 11:34 PM
I know that I tend to catch everything that the kids bring home and it lasts longer is is worse with me.

I hope that you and your family will have a better new Year than Christmas was.

In Him,


12-27-2007, 09:26 AM
This is good to know! I've been fighting a cold for a week now. It never used to take me this long to get over a cold. My throat is on fire and I feel so run down! I haven't gotten a flu shot this year. I always refused to get one, but maybe I should change my perspective. This is the second cold in December, and I'm usually 'lucky' if I get one cold a year!!

12-27-2007, 03:39 PM
Thank you for all the well wishes and responses! Its just getting worse and worse! Is properly rubbish being sick at this time of year!

luvwine2007 - Hope you get to feeling better soon! :x-mas:

12-27-2007, 05:50 PM
What's so ironic, Numpty, is that I now have a terrible head cold myself! Came down with it yesterday (scratchy throat) and now I'm so congested, my nose is sore from blowing, my eyes itch, my ears are plugged....!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: I just hate this! I'm just afraid the immune suppressant is gonna' have me down for the count with this. Rats!!!

12-28-2007, 06:16 AM
All you poor things, hope you all get better soon. :puppydogeyes:

12-29-2007, 04:52 PM
Oooops sorry, did I leave some of my germs lying around in here too? Damn things get everywhere! ~leaves a hug for mnjodette~

If it makes you feel any better, mines is only now turning into a full blown cold like everyone else in my family seems to have had. For a week I just had the worst sore throat known to mankind and full body aches (along with bad joint pain on and off).

It really bugs me that I can't work out if the sore throat is from ulcers, the body pains just a worse case of my usual aches and the joint pain, well I'm getting more than used to that by now! I hate that I can't tell if I have a bug or if its just a worsening of symptoms and I'm only now catching the cold! :?

Actually, that reminds me of something else I was going to ask about but will start a new thread for that! :lol:

12-30-2007, 03:36 AM
Guess we'll all have to start using hand sanitizer on our keyboards. :lol: :lol: Yeah, I know what you're saying. My doctor reminds me that not EVERYTHING is lupus related - but how do we know the difference? It's always tossing some new symptom into the mix, so I'm suspicious of everything. My throat isn't sore anymore - now I have an annoying cough and can't sleep (that's why I'm posting at 4:40 AM!) This too shall pass......


01-02-2008, 10:34 AM
Its that time of year is what my doc told me! okay well i think we just have a huge web and everything seems to get caught up in it! colds viruses, rashes! you name it we get it! at least thats how i feel...

I too have had this on and off cold like symptoms, its ridiculous! something new every day..

01-25-2008, 12:37 AM
I've been told by my GP and Rheumy that I have an "auto immune disorder,"
AB: "Doc, am I more likely to get a cold/flu or have worse symptoms?"
Doc: "AB, you have an auto immune disease, you moron" (the you moron is implied by their harumphing)

What they've told me is that because my immune system is so busy fighting my body, it is often to week to fight of everyday germs. I have to get a flu shot, use purell, avoid sick people when I can, etc. or inevitably I get sick.

It is terrible to be sick over the holidays (or anytime, I suppose) I hope you are all better by now!!!

01-25-2008, 12:54 PM
You know what is weird. I haven't had any colds, flu and etc for over 15 years... How come I wonder. Not that I want one or need one.

01-27-2008, 12:22 PM
Guuuurl....Knock on wood!!! Thank the heavens above!!! You are soooo fortunate not to have to suffer colds and flus along with all of the other symptoms of Lupus.

I get one or the other every year and every year, I end up in the hospital on high doses of antibiotics because my colds and flus always degenerate into some horrible infection!!

I am happy you don't get either :P

Peace and Blessings

01-29-2008, 03:19 PM

I thanked and I rapped.... isn't it weird I don't though. I've never had a flu shot.

Possible borderline OCD? I do debug hotel rooms, knobs, phones, tv, lamps switches and etc. I don't read waiting room magazines. Never touch my face in public. I keep my hands in my pockets or on my knees. When walking about I usually keep a closed hand. Elbows are great hands, and a foot to flush a toilet....never put my purse on the floor and leave my outdoor shoes at the door. A freak, perhaps.

I keep Lysol disinfecting wipes everywhere...and pump dial at all sinks.

When I heard I had Lupus, now how on earth did I catch that I thought...

But..sigh.. I get crud on the hinder, boogers in the eyes, axe wounds in my nose holes..rash bumps the size of Skittle candies from Lupus all minor.

I am sorry that a little cold can turn you so upside down. One day, some day there will be help on the way.... for you, for everyone. Till then a pill, some sauve and caring actions and words...

Not all things are Lupus related he said, but Lupus thinks it is related to us. The kin that never leaves. Oluwa