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12-09-2007, 04:52 AM
i have lupus and kidney transplanted since 1 year,,,r hormones pills good for me????(like progestren, estrogen ETC)

12-09-2007, 09:51 AM
Hi Wafa
There have been studies conducted on women with Lupus to see if hormone replacement therapy (HRT) affected their Lupus. It was found that severe flares of disease were not increased in women taking HRT. These women had mild to moderate flares of disease slightly more often than did women taking placebo. The implications were that women with Lupus whose disease was not active and who were taking HRT do not have an increased risk for severe lupus flares, however, they did have a slightly increased risk for mild to moderate flares if they were menopausal and if their disease was active.
It should be noted, however, that women with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are more likely to have a premature menopause, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Since there is a chance that HRT can induce SLE flares and cardiovascular or venous thromboembolic events, it is suggested that HRT should not be used in women whose disease is active disease or those with antiphospholipid (aPL) antibodies.
It sounds as if your disease is active, so you should talk to your doctor about the use of HRT at this time!

Peace and Blessings