View Full Version : Anyone try to work part time on disability?

11-29-2007, 08:25 AM
I have SS disability and private LTD disability. I am not in remission, but I want to TRY to work some part time. Has anyone tried this? I am scared to death of getting kicked off disability, but I am broke with all my medical bills, and I could earn a lot of money working part time.

I'm soooo stressed out about this. It's "go back to work part time" or "file bankruptcy". I don't know what to do.

Any help would be so appreciated.


11-30-2007, 06:30 PM
Hi gdep,

I don't personally have experience with it; although a friend in another state is on SS disability. She can earn no more than $600.00 per month until the money is considered additional "income" and considered a full-time employee. I am not sure about the LTD disability; maybe someone on the panel can offer to help you with that subject.

Hang in there; and don't give up.


12-01-2007, 07:31 PM

I took a medical leave without pay from work this year. I then found out I could get disability money from my union. I can't even pay my rent with it. So I am struggling with the same type of issue. My original intention was to find an occupation that worked with my health condition, or to start a business. I have been earning some money freelance and am worried about whether that is acceptable. My plan specifies that you must be unable to work in order to receive disability. I also wonder about reporting the money for taxes.

Thanks for raising the question,


12-05-2007, 08:30 PM
I had LTD through my work when I was diagnosed. It helped a little, but hubby was starting a new job and times were tough. To make matters worse, when I thought I could work part-time, they thought I should be able to work full-time. Oh, yeah, and because I took yoga once a week, I didn't have a continuing reason to be on disability. Anyway, I was ready to be done with all the paperwork and phone calls anyway, and hubby was making more at work, so I was lucky and did go back to work part-time.

I think there should be better ways to support people that would like to try to work part-time, but really can't make it working full-time. It shouldn't be all or nothing. To this day, I don't think I could work full-time, and if I financially had to, I know my health would suffer. I would basically just be sleeping in all my off hours.

I'm thinking of you and hoping for a good solution.