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11-29-2007, 01:47 AM

I have a laundry list of problems - lupus, DM, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, some docs say fibro too...

I am hanging in there though - one day at a time.

Need advice on trying to go back to work while on disability... has anyone done this and NOT gotten kicked off of their disability? Or has anyone lost their disability because they went back to work, but then gotten disability on a new policy through their new job? I'm in a tough spot for sure..


12-03-2007, 03:24 PM
Hi gdep :lol:
I have not had any experience with either situation that you asked about. Hopefully, someone else will be able to give you information in those areas. I just wanted to welcome you and let you know that your post was not being ignored!

Again....welcome to our family
Peace and Blessings

12-05-2007, 09:04 PM
Most disabilities I think you are allowed to work so many hours...Just from the experience of my family members...look into it and see how many...I dont think its a whole lot though

12-17-2007, 11:07 AM
Okay I can help ~ =)
I was on STD.. through my employer. depending on your benefits that you elected at enrollement you may have some short term disabilty or long term as well ( I am an investment advisor/ financial planner )
How does STD or LTD work? well usually there is an elimination period ( mine was 5 consecutive days of work missed, call your HR and ask how your plan works ) if you have any pto you will have to use that first. then my std kicked in on the 6th day missed. I got 80 % of my regular pay ( not including bonuses or overtime just 80% of reg 40 hr pay) this lasted for 6 weeks then it dropped down to 60% for the remaining 6 weeks ( total benefit for std was 6mths) then my long term disabilty kicks in. which was 60 % and different guidlines as to what defines me as disabled.
I also had filled out forms for FMLA ( family medical leave and absence) this is a state required benefit, and I beleive all employers have this.
If you miss work and need to be seen or take care of a fmaily memeber or are pregnant ect your employer CAN NOT terminate you on these circumstances only. these are valid reasons to not be able to attend or do your job.

if you dont have either of these offered through your employer then you are looking at disablity through the state? this is a whole other ball game.
the first place I would recomend would be to talk to your HR see if they have a resource for you to call or someone who can walk you through what you need to do. second thing i would recomend doing is maybe even asking your doctor they might be familuar with how your state works for disabilty benefits. I know that it is hard to get state assisted disabilty . Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything else.