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11-25-2007, 11:03 AM
My name is Christine I have been diagnosed with SLE lupus about 1 month ago this looks like a great placed for support and information. I do have one question my primary care Dr told me I do not need to see a Rheumatologist yet... At what stage do I need to see a Rheumatolgist?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated... :?:

11-25-2007, 02:06 PM
Hello Christine and welcome to our family :lol:
Most of us feel very strongly about having a reheumatologist, regardless of the seriousness of our Lupus. I would imagine that your primary doesn't feel that a rheumatologist is necessary because you do not have any internal organ involvement. Perhaps with your current symptoms, he feels that he can help you to manage your disease with treatment and medications in order to avoid a flare-up and/or worsening of any symptoms. Along with his help, you should also make some important lifestyle changes such as:
* Avoid sun exposure and exposure to UV rays
* Eat a healthy diet
* Try to exercise regularly (non-jarring aerobic exercises)
* Take time to get recuperative rest when you need it (manage your time and activities so that you do not over-exert yourself)
* Follow your doctor's instructions, take medications as prescribed and keep all doctor's appointments.
* Educate yourself and your loved-ones about Lupus, it's symptoms, medications and treatments. Become an educated patient who will be your own advocate for your healthcare.

We are here to help you whenever you need it and to let you know that you are not alone!

Peace and Blessings

11-27-2007, 12:55 PM
Hi Christine;

Other than "what SaySusie said!" I can add that my primary care doc initially said he could treat me for lupus, but he wanted to send me to a rheumy just to confirm diagnosis AND to confirm treatment plan.

Yours may have had an excellent clinical rotation with a rheumy and excellent experience - talk to him, find out. And if you feel strongly that you need a rheumy - push for it. It is your right as a patient, even with an HMO, to see a specialist if you have a condition that warrants it. And lupus can fall into that category.

Welcome again - and we're glad you've joined us!

11-29-2007, 03:36 PM
Thanks for the great advice, I think I am going to start searching for a Rheumatologist now that way I have one. Now to break the news to my family I have not told my parents because of the various medical problems they have I am their only daughter and I think it would upset them very much...Once the holidays are over I will talk to my brothers. My husband knows and is very supportive he asks every morning how I feel and then tells me to stay home from work.... LOL unfortunately not always possible. Thanks again.... :D

02-09-2008, 05:04 PM
Hi everyone,

Well, I do not know if this has to do w/my Lupus but, 1st I got an allergic reaction 3 weeks ago that swelled my eyes then 2 weeks ago, a worse reaction that swelled my eyes shut. I went on allergy meds and got Pred/creme for my eyes. Eyes went down then got fever and swollen glands. Now, fever has subsided but all my glands are swollen and now I have a sore throat and laryngitis. I can't get a word out....I am sure there are a few men I know that would call that a blessing but, geez, is this part of Lupus or has the Sh*t fairy just set up home at my house?

Gosh, I seem ok for a few days and then I get slammed w/something else. Is this what Lupus is all about? I really do not know....or am I just unlucky and being a cry baby. I am fiercely tired.

I am going to read some more about other symptoms on this site, but if this sounds like a typical pattern, then how do I get out of it. I have been careful during my classes to wear sunscreen and a hat to protect myself from fluorescent lights but I can't get healthy.

Feedback appreciated. Thanks