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11-19-2007, 10:02 PM
We are doing a study to find out if there are effective ways of fighting lupus and fibromyalgia without the drugs. Even if you want or need to stay on your meds, there are many who are finding more relief and able to drop their dosages down. Find out more about this study and how to join at http://www.healthyandlovinit.com

Please read my post in Lauri's Lounge for more... a lot more... information. :)

01-20-2008, 07:23 AM
I checked out the site. Sounds like a promo or an advertisement. Is it Larsncollin? I thought you were trying it out personally...hummm.


sick n tired
01-20-2008, 06:51 PM
How exciting a cure for lupus and fibromyalgia and even diabetes!!! We need to alert the AMA..

If I had a dime how many of these sales adds that well meaning friends send me I would not need to apply for disability.

It is not that I do not think that there is a rare berry or leaf in the deepest darkest jungle where the tribesmen practice cannibalism, and thats why noone has found it but.........after you read all of them it is hard not to wonder where the rheumys are and why they havent heard of this berry...after all there are many doctors who are trying to find a cure for diabetes and lupus as well as many other of the ailments listed on that sales add.

sick nTired of gimmicks,


01-21-2008, 11:01 AM
My sentiments exactly Sick n Tired!!! :roll:


01-21-2008, 07:18 PM
Hi Oluwa, Karen, and Saysusie-

I AM trying this out personally and I hoped to find others w/ lupus or fibro or anything ailing them to try it out w/ me. When I brought it up on this site it was unintentional to "advertise". I was so excited about how it was affecting me. I did explain on a different post that we were considering running a business w/ it and that website probably does sound like that. As soon as I realized I was bordering on the rules here I backed off completely and have not mentioned it since. However, my intentions here were ALWAYS w/ hopes of finding others who were willing to test it out w/ me so that I could keep track of what people found and for that reason I was offering to foot the bill for anyone who wanted to test it. That was a special offer for here and the website is what we are using for everyone. I have yet to find someone w/ lupus who is willing to try, but I have found people w/ fibro who are having very positive results. I am not only drinking this, I have been experimenting w/ a couple different things. Research coconut oil if you are interested. Since I started taking it and using it for cooking, my hair has stopped coming out in clumps and I'm actually getting some re-growth, among other things.
I understand how frustrating it is to have everything be an advertisement and miracle cure. I personally do NOT trust much of what I read or find online, especially if it sounds like an advertisement! But neither do I believe the medical field when they tell me I'm incurable and my only hope for a semi-normal life is to be on medications that make me sick and harm my body in other ways! The medical field is wonderful for what they do, and I would be dead w/out medical technology, but I have never received any interest from any of them in looking into natural cures. My doctor wouldn't even discuss diet options and was very against anything natural. Maybe the rheumies are closing their eyes! Who's to say the medical field isn't controlled by the drug industry? Just for the record I started refusing to take prednisone sometime back around Sept. Oct. I have never taken plaquenil because I have always been pregnant or nursing. I planned to when I was done nursing, but the last couple of months have made me even more determined to heal lupus completely and not be on any medications. It has not been easy! I am still taking vultarin (spelling?) daily (anti-inflammatory) and sometimes have to take some tylenol. But even w/ my setbacks I am winning my uphill battle and I will one day live without lupus. I am seeing and feeling much more progress with natural methods and cures (even things as simple as changing your diet) than I ever did w/ medications that treat my symptoms, but not the disease. I'm not trying to get on my high horse or anything here, I just thought that I had resolved this already on this site. This is a wonderful site and there is great support and lots of knowledge and good people here! I applaud it. I didn't mean to get off on the wrong foot with everyone by sharing about what I was doing. I am making a personal choice to beat this thing that has taken my life away. I have no doubt that I will succeed. I would love to find others like me who will join me in a search for healing.

sick n tired
01-21-2008, 07:47 PM
I am sorry that your rheumy is not looking at the other claims. My rheumy is. Right now he has been "testing" the tart cherry idea. ( More than likely that is why we are now seeing adds for rare "berry's" because "berry's may have something that can aleviate pain.) My doc works with a chiropractor and an accupuncturist. He has talked about dietary options that may make me feel better. That is very forward thinking for an m.d.
Because of the drugs that I am on, however, I have to run everythig by him. Just because it is "natural" could still put me in anaphlactic shock if mixed with what I have to take. Remember that drugs start out as natural plants. I used to practice homeopathy and I realize just how serious it can be to mix certain things.
At the moment, I am not willing to play doctor and not take the drugs that will slow down what is raging inside me. Discomfort aside.You can die from lupus. It is irrelevant if it makes the joint pain go away the question is where might it be lurking now. One will not die of the joint pain( they might wish to:-)) but there are some dangerous places that can and are attacted.
I am not going to play russian roullette. It would be awful if I decided to refuse medical care for myself and more importantly my daughters to end up losing them and knowing that Maybe I sped up the death process instead of buying precious time. Time for a cure to be found. Anyone who has lost a child or a love one would give anything to have them back even just for a while. Plaquenil for instance might give us many more years.

01-22-2008, 09:07 AM
Hey Larnscollin,

The huge letters for Please read!! made me, well, like ah a covered wagon drawn by two horses was pulling into Dodge City with The Tonic.

Do find a rheumatogolist who atleast looks at Holism, holistic approaches as a possibilty to heal, or alleviate a symptom.

We all want to beat it in our own way....we've ran to the cover wagon, or we hid. We all want to be well again... Some through religious beliefs, some through nothing, some through homeopathy, some chemically. I've tried many.

For me, I believe as Karen, sick n tired does...the answer is out there.

Just maybe, you might be onto something...

Keep looking for wellness everywhere with one eye opened wider,

01-22-2008, 03:06 PM
Thank you both of you! I am looking hard for a rheumy who will work with me but they are few and far between where I live. Thank you for your concerned advice on keeping up with lupus even if it doesn't hurt. I have been vigilante about getting my blood checked and watching for any sign that lupus is attacking elsewhere. If I ever have an indication that it is I will act accordingly with doctors. Right now it is just pain and I've been able to go without the meds based on willpower and nutrition. I truly appreciate your responses and I will try to keep up with everyone and let you know how things go, and what I find out. My goal is to be "clinically" healed. I want a doctor somewhere to look at my results, shake his head, and tell me that I must have been misdiagnosed because lupus in incurable and I don't have it anymore. I'm looking forward to that day and hope it happens for ALL of us!
PS I do NOT believe that the juice I am drinking is the secret answer or cure-all. It is just one of many things that I have found to help. It is called Mona Vie. You can research that if you want with no pressure from me. I think it is over-priced as are most of those type of supplements. If they are truly a miracle, they should be made available to the masses. But in the meantime, I have found enough benefit to justify the cost. I know, I know, I always write books on these responses! I'm stopping now! :wink:

01-23-2008, 09:42 PM
FYI... :drinking:

Mona Vie juice is a blend of 19 fruits. The fruits are - Acai, Apricot, Aronia, Acerola, Purple Grape, Passion Fruit, Camu Camu, Banana, Lychee Fruit, Nashi Pear, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Prune, Wolfberry, Pear, Bilberry, Cranberry, Blueberry and White Grape. MonaVie Active contains a liquid form of Glucosamine.

There is no way to tell how much Acai is in a serving of Monavie. The blend of the 19 fruits in the Monavie Juice is a proprietary blend. Simply put, MonaVie does not discuss how much Acai is in each serving of MonaVie.

Monavie juices are sold through a multi level marketing (MLM) system - also known as network marketing. Customers who use Monavie are encouraged to become Independent Distributors of the Monavie products. Distributors try to bring in more distributors and get a percentage of every sale made by distributors in their line (upline). MLM has been around for a long time and products such as Amway and Herbal Life are well known examples of multi-level-marketing plans.

While the specifics of the Monavie Compensation plan get very complicated, the general idea is that if you can bring in a network of people to sell Monavie juices, and they sell to their friends, and their friends sell to their friends (and so on and so on) - you will make money.

If you use the Monavie as recommended, one bottle will last you about 1 week. You will need at least 4 bottles to last you one month. The retail price per bottle is between $40 and $45. This means that a one month supply will cost between $160 and $180 a month.

MonaVie™ Pricing List: Retail Wholesale
MonaVie Active – 1 bottle $45 $37
MonaVie Active – 1 case $159 $130
MonaVie Active – 2 cases $318 $230
MonaVie Original – 1 bottle $39 $32
MonaVie Original – 1 case $149 $120
MonaVie Original – 2 cases $298 $220
MonaVie Gel Packs - 1 Box $90 $70
MonaVie Gel Packs - 2 Boxes $150 $130
Wholesale Distributor Kit $39
Note: 1 case = 4 bottles
Note: 1 bottle is 25.5 ounces
Note: Shipping charges apply to all orders
Note: We have excellent pricing on orders of 3 cases or more

MY TAKE OUT with a bag of fries...Frankly, I would rather enjoy a handful of cherries, a peeled banana and the bursting juices from citrus fruit.

I can see no reason to drink it except simply out of laziness. Too lazy to peel a banana, strip the peeling of an orange or eat a clump of grapes and chase it with glucosamine supplement.

Personally, I like to eat.

sick n tired
01-23-2008, 10:29 PM
What a racket!!!!!

I think that I will stick to the fruit..........much cheaper.Oh and Oluwa.....I will take some fries, too. :D

Off munchin fruit....


02-03-2008, 11:40 PM

Hope my frankness didn't scare you off....the FYI post. I thought it was appropriate that I posted the info out there. Most seller's website of this tonic are usually, well, quite vague I found out. Yours too..ugh.

I am happy it is working for You!

Keep searching for your wellness,

02-03-2008, 11:42 PM

Would that be a Biggie or Super Siiiiiiiiiize!

Insomnia...yawn eyes wide open.

02-04-2008, 03:36 PM

You didn't "scare" me off, I just didn't feel a need to respond. For everyone's information, I eat very well. A lot of fruit and vegetables. For me this isn't a case of being too lazy to peel a banana. As for the website: I am no internet wizard. I barely have time to check my email let alone learn how to write a webpage. I apologize for any vagueness that is there. Our page is a free site that we had to copy and paste stuff into. The "free" report that we have was written by me, but most of the information was gathered by an associate. The other page is through the company and is the same for everybody except for personal info. Just for the record we are losing money on the business because our goal was to find others who could benefit. All the people we have found suffer from fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders, and none of them can afford to use it regularly except that we are selling it to them at 1/2 price and less. I don't feel that we are out anything, though, because I have loved seeing the difference it has made in some of them. It is a good product. I wish the company was more interested in helping people with the product than they are with the money they can make. My offer still stands for anyone who would like to, or is willing to try something different. All I can tell you is that it has helped me and with it and coconut oil I am no longer taking plaquenil or prednisone. That is enough triumph for me. I wish you well and realize that you have had much more experience with lupus than I have. My prayer and goal is that it will stay that way!! Good luck with everything and I hope that you find healing in your own ways.


02-04-2008, 04:33 PM

Sigh...My banana peel joke was meant to be light, chuckle.

I am sorry that your investment hasn't been lucrutive. I am happy to know that your heart has a feel good, always much more worthy than a buck.

Indeed many of us may have had Lupus longer, and tried many regimes...and also many have no extra income, hence not working, part-time wrokers, limited income, SSDI and etc. So, try to be understanding. The key is too manage the symptoms and it seems you are doing very well at managing them. That is absolutely wonderful.

No one is knocking you. Some of us are not so lucky, if I may use the word lucky.... It is an individual disease...chronic, no cure, but with remission as being achievable and maintained which I like to call Intermissions. Which I believe you are experiencing. From my reads when in remission, none or limited, reduced amount of drugs are used.

Another reason for lack of sales, and no bites...probably....
Some people don't believe in homeopathy regimes.
Some believe don't believe in pyramid companies.
Some people don't believe in buying items off the Internet.
Some people don't like to be solicted.
Some people like to eat, not drink a well-balanced meal, many meals for 45 bucks a week.

Always here, we all are for you...we are all in the same boat. Just different waters we navigate.


sick n tired
02-05-2008, 09:55 PM
Hey Oluwa,

This company that we have been talking about is not a pyramid scheme. Everybody thinks that if it is MLM or network marketing is considered a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are against the law, and eventhough I have not checked out this company I would assume that it is meeting federal standards. :) I have in the past been in mlm's the only problem is that I stink at selling. But don't use that as an excuse for not trying one, they will just tell you that the products sell themselves......sure they do...

And I want to supersize it if you please..I am in need of some comfort food...snicker

From one insomniac to another...(maybe we should play cards)


02-06-2008, 11:46 AM
Dear Oluwa and SickNTired
I am an insomniac, too. Must come with the territory! I found a semi-cure for it though. Have a couple of kids 2 and under!! By the time your head hits the pillow you can't help but pass out!
:wink: j

02-08-2008, 07:25 AM
I always forget to look this far down the board...

Karen, Online cards? As of late I have made my way to bed by 1:00AM and eyes pop open every two hours, wringing wet in a pool of dew. Every two hours is better then open all night, eh?

Lars, if I had two kids. I won't need a pillow...just a bed to land. I give a bravo to you and all Mum's and Dad's who battle a chronic disease and tend to their children. Whew...I get tired thinking of it....


sick n tired
02-19-2008, 11:38 PM
Hey larsncollin,

I have found that when there are young children around that one is too exhausted to not sleep.

When they become teens the opposite happens. I have much problems sleeping now. Too much thinking.

sleep tight,