View Full Version : oregano oil anyone?l help..

11-05-2007, 01:07 PM
hi all! hope you all are having a comfortable day? got a questions... have any of you heard of oregano oil? it's an essential oil that's suppose to be really good for rheumatic and inflammatory diseases, along with a tone of other things. the info i've come across sounds great, but i wanted to check in with you all too. dear hubby was off prowling the internet looking for magic cures as he usually does whenever i'm in a bad flare or had a big seizure. he gets anxious and worried and "has to do something".

well, his aunt, whose very heavily into natropathy and alternative medicine, recommended this to him when we told her about this crazy rash i have. we thought it was another bout of shingles. but no, it's something else. it's really wird too. it a wave of little pimple like bumps, like mini shingles, it stings, itches and hurts. and they comes on quick!! it was concentrated in one area, but now it's spread. i called my other docs (rumy, neuro, pulmo, heart docs) and they all ruled out allergic reactions. and non of my meds or routines have changed. so i'm seeing a dermatologist today. but dh just came home with the oil just now, so i'm going to take it. i'm anxious/desperate too. i've been dealing with this crazy, itchy, stingy, painful rash for almost 2 weeks now!!! :shock: :cry: :mad: !!!

thanks everyone! be well :wink:

Barbara Jean
11-06-2007, 01:56 AM
The rash sounds like a lupus rash, same as what I had. Prednisone should take that down.
I have heard that Oil of Oregano is supposed to be a very good herbal product, though I have never tried it.

Do you have SLE-Lupus?

11-06-2007, 10:37 AM
hi barbara jean, yes i have cns-sle with lung, heart, and brain involvement, along with vasculitis, and interstitial lung disease.

oregano oil is increadibly stong, i just started it last night. so i'll give it a few days, and let you know!

be well :wink: