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10-23-2007, 02:10 PM
Hi everyone
I'm new here but I have already gotten so much out of reading through some of your posts. It really does help to hear different experiences. I'm wondering if anyone has heard of the acai berry? I was referred to it by a friend and then found a woman with lupus who was almost completely crippled by the disease. She has been taking it for a year, is walking without a walker or cane, can hold a job again, and is doing so much better with her lupus. She has even come off of her doses of meds completely.
It is said to provide energy and stamina, improved digestion, mental focus, better sleep, immune system and helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. I really struggle with the different meds. I am extremely sensitive and sometimes the side effects are worse than the lupus. I only take prednisone when I am desperate.
I will be testing acai for the next couple months. Is anyone out there interested in joining me for a study? I'll call it a study but it's just me. If it really does help, I would like to know who it helps and how it helps them. I can't provide anyone with a month or two supply, but I might be able to offer 1-2 weeks. I wouldn't recommend going off of any meds you are on, just see how it goes. I'll be doing the same thing. It is a whole food supplement so I'm pretty sure it is safe. Is anyone interested? Does anyone know more about this than I do?

10-23-2007, 02:46 PM
Hi Lars,

Happy Tuesday. Welcoming you with open arms..

In regards to your question... Do you wiki? I just did a wiki for you, here is a link..


I read your intro thread in the other forum.

Me, I follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Uncertain if it is the drugs and the food I ingest combined, but as a whole I feel pretty good. Espcially where I had been. I would hate to test the waters and risk another flare like the last, but thank you for the offer in your study.

I can suggest, the same phrase over and over you will read..Avoid stress. Or managing it by changing your thoughts and what you associate with it. But having 2 children I suspect you fair very well, do you? Or is it maddening...with two it could be also...so I suspect nothing...smile.

Suggestions...Manage your tasks with rest, breaks...naps...anything that requires no energy inbetween your chores. Make a to do list each day and cut it in half to reserve your energy for tomorrow.

I avoid sugar, subsitutes, with the exception of Splenda. I avoid wheat, peanuts...preservatives and dyes. I eat fresh as possible...I tried going organic, a rare find around here...but I do when I find.

I suppplement with Fish oil and super B complex. Exercise light. I have a few moments of aerobics with FitTV but as a whole, I stretch, yoga, pilates...just move and stretch. Walks at night.

Having children I suspect you have no me time..make some..even if it sitting in the bathroom with a magazine...preferably a candlelight bubbly tub....

Keep us posted on your study...and welcome again. Keep reading, keep posting. We love new ideas, new approaches..and what to do. It helps me too, to keep my life and things with SLE in perspective.

Enjoy the night...keep finding your wellness.

10-24-2007, 02:44 PM
Hi Oluwa!
I just read some of your first posts. That was in May. Given your advice to me in your last post it is clear that you have succeeded in pulling yourself out of the hole that is lupus. That makes you an inspiration to anyone coming into this storm! I definitely understand not wanting to shake up the routine that works. I will try to post what my results are with my study. I'm hoping that they are positive. Bless you for being part of the support that we all need.

10-25-2007, 10:31 AM

Thank you for the wonderful compliment. My inspiration has come from everyone here to find my wellnessÖ Those I post with, those Iíve just read. I felt their strength, I read their woefulness. Posts filled with wise words, laughter, tears, encouragement and I just care. Just reading who they were through their expression about life, day to day or their triumphs. I wanted to emulate. There is more to it than just following though. It is finding your place in it all. And what I truly, truly learn from everyone, no matter how small the word was or how long the post were. I found I bit in everyoneís post to find a place in life that fits meÖas is. Never meeting or speaking to another with Lupus and now I do..that was my saving grace.

Iíve learned, hope. If not well today, I now have hopes for tomorrow. And when well, I take delight in the moment and hope tomorrow brings another.

Iíve learned it isnít important for another to know exactly how I feel, each ache, how it aches but to understand why they donít get it. It is our experience. A tired and pain they do not know. Waste no time explaining but reserving that explanation strength just to be, just to be with them. Even if it is to sit, converse on a swing, in the kitchen.

I am sure I wil fall in that stupid hole, but this time I know there is a ladder that I can use.

Lupus, it isnít a cold. It is my life.