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10-19-2007, 10:26 PM
Hi everybody,

So glad I found this forum filled with lots of info and encouragement.

I have been having symptoms many yrs with possible diagnosis from lupus, anxiety, to ms, anxiety to lupus, anxiety to motor neurone, to ms to anxiety and finally lupus! :mad:

Have had many and varied symptoms for many yrs with blood showing low platelets, iron and low pos anti phospholipid antibody. mrs's neuro's etc, etc, etc,

Had given up but doc sent me to immunologist/allergist for allergy testing and he kept asking me question re lupus and I wasn't ata all interested in answering because I was sick to death of it all!!!! He sent off blood work for everything under the sun and came back positive ana and positive esr as well! So hence, with all the signs and symptoms as well - a diagnosis!!! I am no longer a hypochondriac!!!! :lol:

First I was blase and not at all surprised, next day came shock, yesterday totally depressed, today just numb.question:Has anybody got upper airway dysfunction (vocal chord dysfunction) and also neuro probs that look like ms (with pathologically brisk reflexes).

I am a very busy single mum of 7 so I am not going to be a martyr any longer I am going to try the med (forgot what it's called starts with p) that I refused on Wed. :oops:

My faith in God is what has kept me this far and will continue to keep me.

Stay strong.:BIG:


10-19-2007, 11:06 PM
Hi Mumma7,

You are not a hypochrondriac; you finally have a diagnosis. That is the good news; at least you have an idea what you are fighting.

I lose my voice from time to time; never thought it was Lupus related. Mmm, something to consider and check into.

I react to sunlight and fluorescent lights (dle) along with sle. I have a lot of faith in God!! Pray daily!! Doctor put me on Plaquenil 400 daily. I don't leave the house without uv clothing on and sunscreened down to my feet. Plaquenil has helped; though I have to have my eyes checked every 6 mos. So far so good. Plaquenil helped with sun sensitivity (some).

S I take you are not taking plaquenil It might be worth it to try it and see if you notice a difference. 8) Hang in there and take care.

God Bless,

Faith 8)

10-20-2007, 03:08 PM
Hi Mumma7;
Faith has mentioned one medication starting with "P" - Plaquenil. If it is not that, could it be that you were prescribed Prednisone? Either way, both medications are the standard treatment for Lupus.
Plaquenil can decrease the damage that Lupus does to the tissues of the joints, skin and other organs in the body. It also works very well at healing the lesions and ulcers caused by Lupus.
Prednisone is a immunosuppressant corticosteroid. In Lupus, the immune system produces antibodies, which become overactive and cause undesirable effects. Immunosuppressant drugs suppresses the over-active immune system by suppressesing the production of these antibodies. Also, many of the symptoms of lupus result from inflammation in various tissues of the body. Cortisone isa steroid manufactured naturally by the body's adrenal glands. Cortisone has an anti-inflammatory effect. Prednisone is a synthetic cortisone and is the most effective anti-inflammatory drugs known.
Welcome to our family, I know you will find everyone here to be very helpful, understanding and informative. You are not alone :lol:

Peace and Blessings

10-23-2007, 03:16 PM
Whew..seven Mumma7, Welcome.

Must be lots of love in your home.

Nope I never had upper airway dysfunction.

I am glad you decide medicine and caring for yourself is the best. Being a great Mumma doesn't mean tolerating pain. We all need a little help. Prayer and the gift He gave man, the knowledge to find healing.

Were you able to obtain a prescription yet...let us know how you are doing.

See you on the board..and again welcome Mommy of seven.
Keep finding wellness for you, in turn it benefits your children, all seven. Hugs.

10-23-2007, 09:09 PM
Just got home from 4 hrs work and I literally feel like I'm gonna die or pass out:splat: :splat: :splat: :splat: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got script this morn 4 meds so I'm going to get them now.

I hope they make me feel better than this otherwise I'm goin 2 doc!

C'yall later, Kaz :splat: :splat: :splat: :splat:

10-24-2007, 10:38 AM
I'm sorry that you are feeling so badly. Please let us know if the medications make you feel any better at all. Remember, we are here for you whenever you need us!

Peace and Blessings