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morning star
10-09-2007, 10:37 AM
I'm having a problem with these ulcers, they are huge first of all on my gums under my tongue and the back of my throat. I'm using Anbesol, hydrogen peroxide. My Dr. just prescribed Valtex, but said if it didn't work on my ulcers then it was probably from the lupus. Does this sound right? Anyone else have prob's with this? Is it SLE or I've read it may be Mucousal DLE? Thanks.

morning star
10-09-2007, 11:07 AM
Also, what is the difference between mouth ulcers and cancer sores. I've read that cancer sores on get on the moveable parts of the mouth. I had one on under my tongue, now I have 3 on my gums near my teeth and one on the roof of the back of my mouth? Thanks again.

10-09-2007, 02:04 PM
Mouth ulcers are common, both for SLE and DLE. The general treatment is usually Plaquenil and Prednisone. The problem with Plaquenil is that, while it is very effective, it takes several weeks before you begin to see the benefits. However, once the mouth ulcers are cleared, they do not often return. The ulcers usually occur when the disease is active. Fortunately in most people when the disease settles the mouth ulcers settle as well, although stress or tiredness can also make mouth ulcers worse. Sometimes, simple treatments available such as antiseptic mouthwashes and sometimes steroid lozenges or paste can help until the medications kick in. Occasionally your nose can also be affected in the same way and vaseline cream or steroid paste or nasal spray can be used if necessary. In the vast majority of people these simple measures, and controlling of disease flares with low dose steroids and/or tablets such as hydroxychloroquine, are all that is required! Hopefully, it will work for you.
Cancer mouth sores usually only happens during cancer treatment. If you are not receiving cancer treatment, then I would think that your mouth sores are due to your Lupus.

Peace and Blessings

morning star
10-10-2007, 11:53 AM