View Full Version : Cytoxan and Infertility

09-29-2007, 07:27 PM
I am getting ready to start Cytoxan treatment for Lupus Nephritis. Would anyone be able to tell me from experience how this affected fertility and ovarian function? Has anyone had a successful pregnancy following Cytoxan treatment?

10-16-2007, 02:31 AM

I was browsing and registed just to answer your question. I felt compelled to tell you the truth.

I am 40 years old and I began pre-menopause at 38. :( Cytoxan has ruined my chances of ever having a child.

If you must take it, please do so. But please take care of your health so that you never have to take that mess again.

Do the following for optimal health:

Take a multivatim
Vitamin C
Flax Seed oil (organic)
Milk Thistle - detoxes the liver
MSM - EXCELLENT for people with lupus
Apple cider vinager
Buy a juicer and start juicing, beet, carrots apple and ginger - lots of ginger
When you can, start excersing. Start out slow if you have to but just get to moving.
Take yoga

I do all of this and I have been in remission for years. In the past, I was soo sick, could hardly move and was on approx 4 diff lupus related meds, and 2 psych medicines. One day, i said "screw this". I began to ween myself off all drugs until I got down to 0. I'm not telling YOU and ANYONE else to do this as this could be dangerous, I am just sharing my story.

Just take care of yourself. Don't leave YOUR health in the hands of the doctors.