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09-28-2007, 06:24 PM
hi! i'm a 33 y/o female from the Philippines. i've just been diagnosed last july 19, after experiencing all the symptoms and signs (headaches, fever, rash, joint pains, muscle pains, vomiting, mouth sores, loss of appetite, hair loss, cramps, etc).

i also have Class 4 Global-Active Lupus Nephritis. that is why i'm taking 30mg of prednisone, 2000mg cellcept and 9 tablets of ketosteril per day. i have a few questions about each medicine.

on prednisone:
- how can i minimize it's side effect? (acne, moon face, double chin)

on cellcept:
- i don't actually experience side effect as of now. but i'm thinking if the excessive hair loss is bec of the cellcept, or my lupus flare.

on ketosteril:
- what usually is the dose? 9 tablets is too much for me. medicines are REALLY expensive here in the Philippines, and i am quite worried about my finances.
- does it really work? i've been surfing the internet, and articles say that there are no concrete scientific studies so far.

lastly, would you know where i can get cheaper medicines through the internet?

thanks for all your help!

09-29-2007, 05:20 PM
Hi norlygrace :lol:
PREDNISONE: doctors generally prescribe the lowest effective dose in order to minimize possible side-effects. It is suggested that people taking prednisone should eat a healthy, low-fat diet and exercise regularly in order to avoid weight gain. You should be on a low-protein diet already if you are taking Ketosteril. Try not to compensate by increasing carbohydrates too much!
Everyone does not get the moon face and there is not much that can be done to avoid that particular side effect.

CELLCEPT: Your hair loss may be a result of lesions caused by lupus. However, Cellcept can cause hair loss as a side effect. In both cases, the hair usually grows back.

KETOSTERIL: Ketosteril is an enteral medicinal product indicated for prevention and therapy in chronic renal insufficiency in connection with a low protein diet. Tablets of Ketosteril contain five essential amino acids like: Lys, His, Thr, Trp, Tyr and another five amino acids in the form of their hydroxy and keto analogues as calcium salts, that are: alpha-ketoleucine, alpha-ketoisoleucine, alpha-ketovaline, alpha-ketophenylalanine and alpha-hydroxymethionine. Some uses of Ketosteril is to help make really fat people thinner. Six (6) tablets a day is the standard dosage due to the process of protein synthesis. A low protein diet with increased content of essential amino acids and their keto-analogues does not deteriorate the nitrogen balance of patients with chronic renal failure. By adding essential amino acids and keto-analogues a normal protein metabolism is maintained in spite of the reduce intake of protein substances with the diet. Supplementation of the diet of chronic renal failure patients with essential amino acids and keto-analogues allows a considerable reduction of the protein intake to be achieved which brings about reduction of glomerular hyperfiltration which actually retards the progression of renal failure and improves its short-term prognosis.

CHEAP MEDICATIONS: There are many places on the web who claim to be able to get medications for cheaper prices. I know nothing about them and cannot recommend any of them. Perhaps you can do your own search and find something that you are comfortable with! Sorry :(

I hope that I've answered your questions.
Peace and Blessings

09-30-2007, 07:04 PM
thanks for the information, Saysusie! especially on Ketosteril. now i can have some discussions with my nephrologist.

about internet-based pharmacies, my friend told me not to take the risk since i might be getting cheaper but unsafe medicines. i guess i just have to stick to the reliable drugstores here in the Philippines.

again, thanks so much! :)

10-02-2007, 02:35 PM
You are most welcome :lol: