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09-27-2007, 08:45 PM
hi! i'm a 33 y/o female from the Philippines. i've just been diagnosed last july 19, after experiencing all the symptoms and signs (headaches, fever, rash, joint pains, muscle pains, vomiting, mouth sores, loss of appetite, hair loss, cramps, etc).

i also have Class 4 Global-Active Lupus Nephritis. that is why i'm taking 30mg of prednisone, 2000mg cellcept and 9 tablets of ketosteril. i have a few questions about each medicine.

on prednisone:
- how can i minimize it's side effect? (acne, moon face, double chin)

on cellcept:
- i don't actually experience side effect as of now. but i'm thinking if the excessive hair loss is bec of the cellcept, or my lupus flare.

on ketosteril:
- what usually is the dose? 9 tablets is too much for me. medicines are REALLY expensive here in the Philippines, and i am quite worried about my finances.
- does it really work? i've been surfing the internet, and articles say that there are no concrete scientific studies so far.

lastly, would you know where i can get cheaper medicines through the internet?

thanks for all your help!

10-02-2007, 03:31 PM
See My answers in "Newly Diagnosed"

Peace and Blessings