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09-11-2007, 04:37 PM
For about 6 months I have been in pain with my shoulder and have limited movement. I finally was approved for an MRI after 4 weeks of extremely painful therapy (without any improvement) and they said it was adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). I am going to an orthopedic shoulder specialist in 2 weeks. Has anyone had this? I can barely move my arm much at all. The doctors do not know whether the lupus has contributed. I had heart surgery last year and have really been in a flare ever since. My fear now is that my other arm is also hurting and has had a slight range of movement decrease, so I am afraid that the lupus is contributing to it by inflaming both sides of my body. The arthritic pain in feet and hands was bad but since I got three cortizone shots in my shoulder 5 weeks agothat all has gone away but I think this pain is worse. I am so depressed that I just want to cry all the time. Then I think about people who are much worse off and get angry with myself for feeling sorry for myself.

09-11-2007, 06:57 PM
Have you had an injury to your shoulder? Frozen shoulder usually happens when you do not use your shoulder a lot. For example, people who have broken their arm and had to wear a cast for a while. Being in a cast would limit your range of motion of your shoulder causing the frozen shoulder. Inflammation can also be causing the frozen shoulder.

:idea: Here's some info I found about frozen shoulder:

Frozen shoulder is the result of inflammation, scarring, thickening and shrinkage of the capsule that surrounds the normal shoulder joint. Any injury to the shoulder can lead to frozen shoulder, including tendinitis, bursitis, and rotator cuff injury. Frozen shoulders occur more frequently in patients with diabetes, chronic inflammatory arthritis of the shoulder, or after chest or breast surgery. Long-term immobility of the shoulder joint can put persons at risk to develop a frozen shoulder.

I work in a outpatient rehab therapy and have seen a few patients with frozen shoulder. Have you tried to get physical therapy?

09-12-2007, 05:39 AM
My coworker had frozen shoulder - yes, it was pretty painful for her. After some orthopedic manipulation (under anesthesia!) followed by physical therapy, she felt much better.

Based on her experience, I'd second buddhabelly's suggestion of PT, and really be sure you've had ENOUGH PT before you stop. My coworker regretted not getting a second go-round, she had to do a lot of work on her own, which she found more difficult. She now is careful to stretch and strengthen BOTH shoulders regularly, so it doesn't happen again.

Gentle hugs - frozen shoulder hurts!

09-14-2007, 04:10 AM
:( I did have pt for 4 weeks and instead of it getting any better it only made it worse because of the inflamation it caused. The MRI did say it was adhesive capsulitis with no rotator cuff tear and there is no real known reason why it happens although it does happen in patients who have RA or sclorderma or diabetes...no mention about lupus in any articles I have read. I have an appointment with a shoulder orthopedist next week. Perhaps he will do arthroscopic surgery or perhaps PT. I have also read that eventually it goes away with only about 7 to 10% chance that it will leave the arm with limited motion. So I could just do nothing and hope for the best. I guess I have to see what the next doctor says and take it from there.

09-17-2007, 06:40 AM
My coworker had no specific underlying conditions - she's a healthy 50+ who ice skates competitively. It just sort of happened.

In her case, the orthopedic surgeon did what they called a surgery - but there was no incision. Instead they gave her anesthesia, and then manipulated the arm through the full range of motion. It loosened or undid the encapsulation. She then went through about 6 weeks PT - and wished she'd pushed for another 6 weeks.

That was about 3-4 years ago now, she's careful to keep exercising her range of motion on both arms, but has had no recurrance.

Keep at it with the docs - I know from her experience that this is a very painful condition!