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09-06-2007, 06:24 PM
Hi. I was planning a trip to Mexico later this year and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about travelling with lupus. I haven't travelled much in the past and certainly not out of the country before so it would be a big event for me, any tips would be helpful.

Also, do u think I should ask my doctor what he thinks?

09-06-2007, 06:48 PM
Hi Also Ran,
I traveled all over the place this summer - Nashville, North Texas, Las Vegas and Phoenix, and I had a blast. My experience and hint is this - take advantage of wheelchair service in airports. It really helps. However, don't let cabbies take advantage of you and overcharge you because you are handicapped. Shop around. I have a wonderful folding cane that once belonged to my Father. It is great to take on airplanes and everywhere else.

09-06-2007, 11:14 PM
Mexico is my favorite place and I've been over 10 times, many when I've had Lupus (and probably before, whe I had Lupus, but was not diagnosed!)

I'm in a fortunate position because I speak Spanish, so I don't worry too much. Where are you traveling specifically? If it's in a resort area, I think you'd have an easy time finding a doctor if you need one and a lot of hotels keep lists or have someone they call when a guest has medical trouble. Also, the word for Lupus is the same in Spanish, just pronounce it "loopoos."

I do think traveling to Mexico is worth a prevention trip to your GP, Internist, or whoever knows you best. You may want to get a Hep A vaccine, if you haven't had it. Also, be sure to take any meds you use in your carry-on and in their original containers and take plenty. I carry extra Prednisone with me, even though I no longer take it daily and have discussed with my doctors when and how much I might take in various states of illness. (Can you tell I like to think ahead?) I also tend to get food poisoning very easily, even when I'm really careful, so I've started taking an antibiotic with me, and carrying the NIH instructions on when to take/when not to take. This is an area where you may get conflicting advice. I have travelled enough and know my body, and have a great working relationship with my docs, that they don't worry about me overusing antibiotics. However, your local Health Department probably has a whole different set of protocols. You'll have to work it out for yourself.

Plan on plenty of relaxing (that's what a vacation is for, right?) and down time. Remember, travel in itself can be taxing. Sunscreen, hats, and shade are my friend in Mexico.

I can give you more tips on how to stay healthy in Mexico if you have specific questions. Also, check out the NIH website about traveling and "traveller's diarrhea" for help in how to try to avoid food poisoning while traveling.

Best wishes and have a ton of fun! :D :D

09-07-2007, 09:42 AM

I hear "Mexico" and I see SUN!

Take lots of sunscreen, and at least 2 good hats - one that is crush-able so it can go in your luggage, on on your head. At LEAST 4" brims, in those areas, 5" is even better.

Remember that on a beach the sun gets you from all angles and be ready. Stay in the shade when possible, consider getting some cover-ups that have sun block in the material - or treat your own with RIT "SunGuard"

Have a blast - and rest with a smile on your face!

09-07-2007, 08:17 PM
....and a margarita in your hand! :lol:

09-09-2007, 04:58 PM
But I'm not staying in a resort. I'm going there to visit my boyfriends family (in Mexico City). And though he speaks really good english (my spanish is less than par)...NONE of his family speaks any English. I already thought it be a good idea to make sure he is more informed about Lupus and what I typically deal with and how to handle a situation. Still..I'm scared and excited all at the same time.

09-09-2007, 05:48 PM
Wow, Aso Ran
Where are you traveling from? Here in San Antonio the Hispanic culture is so much a part of the city's culture that it sometimes feel like living South of the border! I teach with a Spanish teacher who is from that part of Mexico, so I'll ask her what the medical facilites are like in Mexico City. From what I've been hearing lately, some of them rival our own facilities, so I think that everything will be fine for you.
Good luck with the almost in-laws! If they are like most of my Hispanic friends here in Texas, you will be well-fed and well-loved!

09-09-2007, 05:51 PM
Scratch the last question! I just noticed - Michigan. Prepare for Culture shock! It will be fun culture shock, though. My Hispanic friends are very warm, talkative and loving. The food is incredible! Enjoy yourself and take lots of sunscreen!

09-10-2007, 09:24 PM
Hi! I actually lived in Mexico City for a summer. Amazing place........BIG city! I really don't think you'll have any problems with medical facilities. I've known other people that had very good care in Mexico City. There are so many neat things to see there! If you are feeling good, it's worth a trip to Teotihuacan, the Aztec pyramids about an hour north of the city. Also, you have to go to the National Anthropololical Museum. It's amazing! The Templo Mayor and Catedral is right in the middle of town, the Zocalo, and is a must-see. I'm sure your boyfriend will want to show you all the sights! Oh.....I"m so jealous....it's bringing back all my nostalgic memories! MY friends just got back from Cuernavaca, where they have family (about an hour south of Mexico City). They took their 1-year old.

Like I said, I do thing you should see your GP before you go - make sure you've had the vaccines recommended. Also, the info on food poisoning is still VERY necessary in Mexico City. I had my worst, and first episode of food poisoning there. Do not eat food from carts on the street.

I think it's really good that your boyfriend (ie interpreter) knows a fair amount about your illness in case of an emergency.

Any other concerns?