View Full Version : Anyone ever given Plasma or Whole Blood?

08-28-2007, 10:30 AM
Hi All! :wink:
I am new to the registration process of this forum, but I have read your posts, and paid attention to what was being said for the last few months when i stumbled on here. See, I was diagnosed with Lupus a year ago Oct. I went through all the grieving stages, cuz my mom has it, and is not doing well at all, and now...I have it to. I got it approx 7 years ago, after teh birth of my last child. I actually never gave blood or plasma till about 8 months prior to my diagnosis. I am just curious...anyone else not have any symptoms till after having donated blood or plasma? Let me know...i have more thoughts, but have to run...
thanks!!! :) shari