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08-14-2007, 11:23 AM
i decided to be more positive. i think my original post was too much a why me?
i finally have a general practitioner who is doing everything that she can to help me out, and keep things as cost effective as possible, still it is financially overwhelming. she also explained some key things that my dermatologist failed to mention, and put me on effexor xe. i know that i have long road ahead of me, and this diagnoses is going be a difficult one to make. i get more blood work tomorrow, and i had a chest xray and ekg done today. i hope this forum can help me find alternative ways to deal with my situation. the stress has been out of this world.

08-14-2007, 04:18 PM
Hi Jennifer,

How frightening for you. Not only to be facing this disease and all that entails but to not have access to health care - my heart goes out to you. I live in Canada and thank God that is not an issue here. Do you have any sort of prescription coverage through your work even? I think most of the other folks on this forum are American and would be better able to advise you with respect to programs which may be available to help you. I just joined this forum myself a few days ago and even though I've been dealing with this disease more than half my life, I still found out things I didn't know and people who share my experiences. Chest pains can be Lupus related in a number of ways. For myself it can mean another bout of pericarditis (the lining around your heart - the pericardium - becomes inflamed and is really painful. It hurts to take a deep breath or move in certain ways, it is sometimes mistaken for a heart attack by ER docs if you don't tell them about the Lupus. It could also be muscle spasms in your back or along your breast bone, I get those too and they are very uncomfortable but not as bad as pericarditis. Hopefully it is just anxiety for you. My prayers will be with you.