08-06-2007, 10:35 AM

I had lupus for 5 years now, 2 years ago i had the worst flare " in history", i was hospitalized for 4 months. I had kidney failure, heart failure, TTP, seizures and was in the coma. i have been treated with chemotherapy, and i am now on cellcept and a bunch of other drugs, my health insurance MAMSI kept on increasing the charges intil i was behind my bills and drop me!. cellcept cost $846.00 for 120 pills :( , and can't afford it anymore. does anyone knows how or where to get it cheaper. DO i have another alternative or i am dumed!!!!!

08-06-2007, 10:49 AM
That's horrible! I know Cellcept is really expensive. I know there are some programs directly through the drug companies to help people in your situation. I would look online and at the manufacturer of Cellcept (I can't remember - is it Roche?).

Good luck and best wishes! No one should have to worry about getting the meds they need!

08-06-2007, 12:01 PM
PhRMA is a prescription drug assistance program. PhRMA has launched programs in six states, working with dozens of community and health organizations to aid patients find and apply for help with their prescription drug costs.
Here's a list of states that currently have Rx prescription drug programs, including contact information:

Rx for Ohio
Launch date: April 28, 2003
(877) 794-6446

Rx for West Virginia
Launch date: April 19, 2004
(877) 982-7948

Rx for Rhode Island
Launch date: May 19, 2004
(877) 743-6779

Rx for DC
Launch date: May 27, 2004
(202) 457-9432

Rx for Illinois
Launch date: November 9, 2004
(877) 793-6745

Rx for Washington
Launch date: November 16, 2004
(877) 923-6779

Rx for New Jersey
Launch date: January 4, 2005
(888) 793-6765

Here are some other Prescription Medication Assistance Programs:
NeedyMeds is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people find assistance with prescription medication costs and other health supplies and programs.

On the NeedyMeds Web site, you can search for free or low-cost prescription medication programs by:
the brand-name or generic name of prescription medications
drug company name
state and local programs in your area
You have to apply for the program to be considered, and NeedyMeds provides a downloadable application on the Web site.

The Medicine Program
Developed for people who have no medical insurance, The Medicine Program assists patients with enrolling in one or more of the many prescription drug assistance programs that are now available.

These programs provide prescription drugs free-of-charge to people in need, regardless of age, as long as they meet the sponsor's criteria.

Once a patient is approved and enrolled, the prescription drug is sent to his or her doctor, who dispenses it.

U.S. House of Representatives' Special Committee on Aging
(202) 224-5364

This group offers free information about drug company programs designed to help older Americans obtain prescription drugs. Call to have the information mailed to you.
Let me know if any of this is helpful or if you need more information!

Peace and Blessings