View Full Version : Brief Scare with Feet (but not diabetic)

08-04-2007, 05:42 PM
Like everyone (even non-lupies) I occasionally experience issues with my feet or legs if they sit for a period of time -- but I had a little scare tonight and I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything like it. (I'm fine now, just to be clear.)

I had been sitting reading in my rolling office chair for about 20 minutes with my feet crossed at the ankles out straight in front of me on something slightly lower than hip level.

I uncrossed them, put my feet on the floor, put my hands on the arm rests of the chair to stand up. Suddenly it was like they were both numb and painful at the same time -- much more so than I've experienced ever before. (Wasn't surprised given it was the feet given how I was sitting.)

I actually felt like I was paralyzed all over for a few moments, and then finally (maybe three minutes later) was able to get myself together and move everything but the feet & lower legs themselves. Its a rolling chair, so I was able with my arms to push & pull myself the five feet or so back to my desk and phone. It was like 10 minutes from the start before I was able to move my feet -- I checked the clock.

I can stand on them now but they are still tingly. Has anyone had this problem? I live alone, so stuff like that scares me a little. I don't think it's anything brain related because I was totally with it the whole time -- no wierd light flashes or headaches or naseau (sp?) -- although my pulse is racing a little and I do feel slightly woozy.

My monthly labs all show the lupus/sjogren's is managed and under control, although my fibromyalgia seems to be really flaring up. Thoughts?

08-04-2007, 08:20 PM
yup my feet and lower legs are numb and tingly all the time, look up lupus cns neurapathy!! this will help will help explain what MIGHT be whats going on, check with you Dr for better explanations


08-05-2007, 04:34 AM
Can't diagnose of course, but I agree with Teriod. Sounds a lot like the neuropathy experience I've had. It can be pretty intense, and "numb and painful" at the same time about sums it up. My right leg is still numb a good deal of the time, but it's being managed and I can move a lot better - there is hope!! 'Course, your doc will do tests to learn the real reason, but it sounds like you need to pursue it. Glad you're OK!