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07-24-2007, 08:52 PM
A friend of mine just gave me a bunch of information on lyme disease and this lab that tests differently in California. He says that this dr. in Boston is going to see him and that he is lyme literate. He claims that a lot if people who have lupus, rheumatoid, fibromialgia, sleeping disorders, and other immune disorders really just have lyme disease and can be cured with courses of antibiotics and that there are docs that are just not telling the truth about lyme disease because the insurance companies would have to pay out big time for treatment. Seems to me that my insurance company has had to pay quite a bit with all the tests and treatment of the stuff I have. Lupus surely can't be cheaper then several courses of antibiotics even for several years. I know that they have to treat TB for long courses of time and they don't seem to have trouble with that. What is the scoop and does it carry any merit? Should I go ahead and get tested by this lab? They are doing an IgM and an IgG Western Blots. They charge ahead for each test and there are other test that they can do to see if you have been exposed to lyme. The tests are quite expensive (250.00 to 630.00) and confusing. The web site is lymePa org. They are titled under Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. The lab is IGeneX, Inc. Reference Laboratory in Pal Alto, CA. Any thoughts of information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.



07-25-2007, 05:36 PM
i was tested by a lyme literate doctor and DO NOT have lyme disease. i would get tested, but it is expensive. also, if they try to sell you on another diagnosis I don't know how much I would trust it. I got tested while suffering from anorexia nervosa and it showed I didn't have lyme, but SURPRISE, my nutrition levels were low, so they wanted me to pay out of pocket to come and have IVs of different nutrients, when I could just get psychotherapy and learn to eat? Okay, sorry, I'm digressing, but if you have lyme disease that is not detectable by a non-lyme literate doctor, the antibiotics to treat this are not quick and easy....its several years of antibiotics.