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07-24-2007, 06:36 AM
Hi, I think I have lupus - was told last week that I most likely do, but can't get into a rheumatologist for another month at least.

My PCP did some blood tests and eveything was normal except ANA, which was 2551 (not sure what the titer is - teh lab results say the result is 2551, and normal limits are 0-99). Based on this, PCP ordered some additional tests: Rheumatoid Arthritis factor, Anti-DNA and ANTI-dsDNA. RA factor was normal. The Anti-DNA results say 20-25 is borderline, >25 is positive, and mine were 49. For Anti-dsDNA, 100-120 is borderline, >120 is positive, and mine were 1379.

I was having some symptoms prior to these tests, but since then have developed wheezing, pain in upper back upon taking a deep breath, pain in hips, and memory problems (worse than before), and severe muscle aches. I went back to PCP yesterday and was put on prednisone. I hope this helps the symptoms get better! In the meantime, they're trying to get me into a rheumy sooner rather than later.

Does anyone have any advice? From what I've read, it sounds pretty certain that I have SLE, what do you think? Is there anything I can do to ease the symptoms while I'm waiting to see thae rheumy? I'm afraid that I'll be better by then and they won't find anything!

Thanks - I'm glad I founs this place!


07-24-2007, 07:33 AM
Hello and welcome to our family :lol:
A knowledgeable rheumatologist will understand that it is the nature of Lupus to change. He will know that symptoms do, in fact, come and go; that they develop slowly and that the symptoms you exhibit today may disappear only to be replaced by different symptoms tomorrow. Also, it is the nature of Lupus to have periods of remission followed by periods of relapse. Lupus can be difficult to diagnose because it can affect almost any organ in the body and its symptoms vary widely from patient to patient. The disease itself is very unpredictable, so you should keep a diary of your symptoms, when they start, when and under what conditions do they seem to worsen and when and under what conditions do they seem to get better. This will help him in his diagnosis and help both of you in determining your treatment options.
In the meantime, it might be helpful if you follow the precautions for a Lupus patient. Most treatment regimines and our goal in managing lupus is to prevent flare-ups (worsening of the disease). There is no known cure for lupus, but the symptoms of the disease can be controlled. One thing that we all have in common with Lupus is inflammation (either our muscles, the tissue surrounding our lungs, the tissues surrounding our hearts, etc.). Almost all of us take medication to control that inflammation and reduce the risk of flare-ups. Doctors frequently prescribe corticosteroids (such as Prednisone), which are drugs that are used to control inflammation. Antimalarial drugs (such as Plaquenil) are sometimes prescribed to ease skin and joint symptoms. For day-to-day muscle and joint pain, you can take acetaminophen or any of a variety of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen.
Avoid prolonged sun exposure and ALWAYS wear sunscreen with SPF of at least 30. Wear protective clothing if you must be in the sun and a hat is always a good idea. Never over exert yourself, but do try to do some form of non-jarring exercise at least three times a week. Rest, rest, rest! It is very important to allow your body to rest. It is equally important to work hard at removing some of the stressors in your life. Stress has been known to cause flare-ups, prolong these flares and precipitate new symptoms.
As far as diet is concerned, until you are definitely diagnosed, I would suggest that you follow the diet recommended by the American Heart Association and that you limit you intake of red meats and protein rich foods. There are some who say that we should avoid alfalfa sprouts and that we should reduce our dairy intake. Do not start on any herbs or supplements until you have discussed them thoroughly with your rheumatologist. Some natural products can have devastating side effects on us and can interfere with our prescribed medications.
I wish you the very best. Please come to us at any time if you have any questions at all and please know that you are not alone!

Peace and Blessings

08-04-2007, 08:42 AM
Hi RottieGirl!

Welcome to the Forum! :D I'm glad that you found us! :D

Please just know that anytime you need advice, support, information or just to vent or chat, we're all here for you!

Keep well and God bless! :)