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07-14-2007, 09:03 AM
My health continues to improve slowly. I feel a little better each day, except the "chemo days," when I am a little nauseous and tired. I rest on those days. The rest of the time I keep myself busy. I'll substitute teach for my husband's school this coming year on the days that I can. I cannot wait!
My doctor prescribed anti-anxiety meds for me. Usually I put them immediately in my purse, but for some reason this last time I put them on the coffee table. My husband was busy on the computer and I didn't intend to take a nap but I fell asleep on the couch. I awoke to my husband screaming," Oh God, Kathy! The dog ate your pills! Get up! Get dressed! Find my wallet! Look up on the Net what we should do! Find me my keys! Help me get Novio to the Animal Emergency room! Where are my shoes?!) Novio, our year old Bull Terrier, had swallowed over 60 alprazolam, and couldn't even stand up.
Hubby carried him outside, forced a water hose down his throat,and Novio threw up a LOT of pills. We took him into the hospital, where, after an EXPENSIVE phone call to ASPCA poison line, it was determined that because he had ejected so much, he wasn't in any immediate danger. They wanted to keep him for observation, but it was too costly for us. We elected to take him home and watched over him all night ourselves.
He spent a very drunken night under our watch, and he's fine now. I told this story to say this: If you have pets, PLEASE be careful with your medications. Act as if you have a two year old child in your house. If hubby hadn't checked on me and discovered Novio passed out with the pill bottle,this would have had a very sad ending.
p.s. I am currently looking for a doggie rehab for Novio. His party animal habits are out of control, LOL.

07-14-2007, 09:43 AM
Hi Littlered!

I am SO glad to hear that you are doing well! :D We've missed you terribly!

I am SO sorry to hear about your dog :(, but oh my word! Littlered, you are SO funny! :lol: You always make me laugh! :lol: Are you going to have to tell your doctor/pharmacist about this to be able to get some more pills? :lol: :wink:

How's your new home?

Keep well! :)

07-14-2007, 01:04 PM
Oh, I love my new home! It is SO energy efficient and though small, is tidy and "neat." I'm redecorating my kitchen in tomato red, white and black to look like a little Italian kitchen. There's no window in the kitchen, so the bright colors really make it come alive. My husband says I practically "purr" when I'm cooking in there.
My best friend and I are making me a mosaic tile dinner table. We found (for a DOLLAR) a big old round garden table, took the steel wool to it, and painted the legs and underside black. We are using red, black, white,and teal tiles and so far it is looking absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm not a "craftsy" person but my friend is, so she's teaching me and we're having a ball!
I saved the Doggie E.R. writeup, so getting replacement meds "shouldn't" be a problem. The only bummer is, I don't think insurance will pay for it, since it's before the 30 day time frame. Maybe they will. I hope so.
You know, I have been feeling SO guilty for not stopping in here more lately. I don't want y'all to feel like, sure, she only comes in when she needs us; what about when we need her???? If, as you say, I bring humor to the board, then I owe to to the kind folk here to stop in more often. And I will!
How are you doing, sweetheart? You are so young, and yet so very courageous. I wish I knew more young people like you! Love,Kathy

07-14-2007, 01:06 PM
Oh, and P.S. I left out one of the funniest parts--when we got to the Animal ER, hubby was in his t-shirt and UNDERSHORTS! We were so panicked we didn't notice til we were sitting there after they'd admitted Novio. I asked the receptionist for a blanket and she gladly complied!
LOL hubby will NEVER live this down.

07-14-2007, 04:21 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ROFL! :lol:

I am SO glad that you like your new home, Littlered and that you are having such fun with it! :D I hope that there are no rats in this house! :lol:

Thank you SO much, Littlered! :) I wish that I knew more adults like you!

Well, I saw a new Neurologist approximately two weeks ago. She was very thorough, but drove me nuts! Firstly, she never smiled. Okay, I have Asperger's Syndrome, so if you don't smile at me, I immediately think that you don't like me/are angry with me/don't believe me. Secondly, she doesn't believe in Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.) or Hypoglycaemia, three conditions with which I've been diagnosed. :mad: She doesn't believe in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome either. She seems to think that I am wasting my time by going to see a Nutritionist! :? :x I can't stand doctors who sit there and say that these conditions don't exist! :mad: She then tells me to ignore all of my symptoms because I am "too focused" on them. She says that I must ignore the tics which I have now developed, the involuntary movements, the seizures, the Neuropathy, etc. Is she CRAZY?! She says that I must only worry if I can't talk, can't hear properly, can't smell, can't see, can't remember or can't walk! You know what? By that stage, it will probably be too late to fix whatever is wrong! Then she says that almost everyone has had a malar rash and I must just ignore it! I don't even know if she believes in Lupus! :mad: :? I was pretty depressed after seeing her, I can assure you...

My Psychiatrist (I have Asperger's Syndrome and O.C.D.) referred me to her; he is friends with her. He says that she's very thorough and he wanted her to examine me so that he knows that nothing extremely serious is going on neurologically, e.g. a brain tumour, a brain abscess, Multiple Sclerosis, etc. At least that is reassuring. However, I have ALWAYS suffered from migraines (as does my mother) and the Neurologist is going to prescribe some medication for them after speaking to my Psychiatrist because now I seem to have developed Trigeminal Neuralgia. :( Over the past few days, I have been getting EXTREME pain over the right side of my head, especially right at the back/at the base and I just don't know what to do about it? It is VERY bad and keeps reocurring every evening at around 18:30 and then lasts right through the early hours of the morning. I really don't like to take medication for headaches/migraines, I really don't, but this pain is starting to worry me because it keeps recurring and I just don't know what it is? I can't help but worry that there is something going on at the back of my head there and it scares me.

I had a VERY bad Flu about three weeks ago and ended up with Encephalitis, Bronchitis and Status Migrainous (lasting four days). I am extremely worried about my chest because I have pretty bad Asthma and so far this year, I have had Bronchitis six times, Whooping Cough, Pneumonia, Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Pleurisy. I also have chronic Costochondritis and my chest just can't seem to recover from all of these massive infections. I am now permanently short of breath and have permanent rhonchi. Just climbing stairs makes me so short of breath that I feel as if I might faint.

My Dysautonomia (I suffer from P.O.T.S. and Vasovagal Syncope) has got worse and now I've developed complete exercise intolerance. Everytime I get up, I am now suffering from severe near syncope where everything blacks out and I wobble. This terrifies people more than when I actually faint, for some reason. If I am walking when this happens, I immediately fall against whatever is nearest and have actually hurt myself like this. It is an awful feeling, even though it only lasts for a few seconds.

I have been having terrible problems with my muscles. I am having nightly attacks of fasciculations, severe muscle cramps/odd involuntary movements when I am at rest and my muscles have become so weak that I can barely climb the stairs or get out of the bath. Saysusie says that it sounds like Polymyositis, but I suppose I'll never know.

Also, a short while ago I broke my baby toe on my right foot for about the eighth time and now my toe has become permanently deformed. The right foot will not stop burning now; it keeps changing colours - red/blue/yellow/mottled - when the other foot is fine; even after I have washed the soap off of my right foot I can still feel it there for about two hours afterwards, the right foot is always freezing, etc., etc. Now, I worry because this is beginning to sound a bit like R.S.D. or C.R.P.S. to me. I never even told the Neurologist about this because she just couldn't seem to believe that I was having this many neurological problems from an autoimmune disease (unspecified at that, but probably Behcet's Syndrome; if she even believes in that, since there are no blood tests) or a virus, without having significant brain damage. She kept going on about how it is very, very rare (although not impossible) to have three different types of seizures (Tonic-Clonic, Complex Partial and Frontal Lobe) without significant brain damage and then seemed to be hinting at Psychogenic Seizures, when my Psychiatrist and the Epileptologist have already ruled that out. The Epileptologist was WONDERFUL and he told my Psychiatrist that he believes that I 100% started last year with full-blown Epilepsy. At that stage, I was having extremely high fevers and he feels that now, even though the Epilepsy has actually gone away, when I get fevers, my brain produces epileptic seizures because it has become sensitive to the high temperatures. The Neurologist said that this made much more sense to her and that she'd speak to my Psychiatrist and the Epileptologist about whether I should go back onto Anti-Epileptic Drugs or not.

These doctors drive me CRAZY! :mad: I seem to have bad luck with Neurologists, which is funny because I want to be a Paediatric Neurologist and Paediatric Neurosurgeon. I like my Psychiatrist, my Paediatrician/Paediatric Cardiologist and my G.P. and it ends there. I do not like the Specialist Physician, either of the two Neurologists whom I have seen or the Gastroenterologist who I saw once and will NEVER EVER see again (in front of my mother he said: "Why don't you go out and do what other people your age do? Go out and get drunk and go have fun bonking!" Fancy telling someone with seizures who is on A.E.D.s to go and get drunk? Plus, it's pretty obvious that I'm not that sort of person. I am a very strong Christian and I have Asperger's, for goodness sake and don't even like being touched or socialising much, for that matter; fancy telling me at my age to go bonking?) :mad:. My E.N.T. is a little bit too serious for my liking (he doesn't smile).

I am just SO sick and tired of being sick and tired! I have practically slept my three week holiday away and go back to school on Tuesday. How will I ever cope through this fatigue? My appetite is not great and although I've always been thinnish (I have a very strange bone structure which pretty much forces me to stay like that), I have got so skinny that it makes me uncomfortable when I take my clothes off. I am nowhere near Anorexic or anything, I can ASSURE you! I am NOT like that AT ALL and my weight is fine. I'm not losing kilograms really, but I'm losing inches like crazy! My friends at school are so worried because I look so skinny from being so sick and am always so pale. My father says that I look like I have Leukemia! I don't know how long I can keep fighting this when I don't even know what I'm trying to fight! I have now developed Cyclic Vomittting Syndrome, which is a terrible problem because I have reduced adrenal function and my adrenal glands just dump all of my Sodium and Potassium. I get so weak after these episodes that I am amazed that I can make it back to my bed. This is one of the main problems: I am just SO weak all of the time! If I go out with a friend to the movies in the morning, no matter how much sleep I have had before, I will be EXHAUSTED afterwards and will have to go and sleep for a few hours (even though I SAT through the movie)! :( :? My Psychiatrist is great because he knows how ill I have been and told me to ignore what the Neurologist said about that because she has no clue how sick I have been and has never seen me when I am sick. He really understands this illness and I am SO grateful that someone on this planet understands it! It's SO hard because it's so obvious that I'm sick, but because they can't find any Anaemia or a positive A.N.A. or Cytomegalovirus or E.B.V. or anything like that, they don't know what to do and even though my Psychiatrist has told them all that there is nothing psychological to this illness AT ALL, most of them won't admit that they don't know what's wrong and therefore, they don't want to do anything for me because they don't know what to do. Even though they know that there are auto-immune problems going on, I can't take Cytotoxic drugs because this weird virus (great! Another thing without a name! I picked this up in Austria on my school music tour; my first Neurologist was quite worried because there are some very serious Encephalitis-type viruses in the region I was in. I got very ill during the last week of tour with Dysentery in March 2006 and since then, everything has gone downhill) is still in my system and my doctors are worried that it will 'finish me off' if they try to suppress my immune system. Also my immune system is so weak, that they think that I may have an Immune Deficiency like Common Variable Immunodeficiency (C.V.I.D.); I have an enlarged spleen as well, which I was born with and this supports that diagnosis. I had my stool sent away to Germany for testing and my E-Coli (the good stuff that lives in your gut, not the pathogens) levels, which should have been ten to the power of six, were zero! :shock: I am currently having the E-Coli replaced, thank goodness. My Nutritionist works very closely with the best Immunologist in my country, which is how she organised to have my stool sent away. If my immune system doesn't become stronger soon, after the E-Coli has been replaced, I might be sent on to him for Immune Deficiency Testing, etc.

I am SO sorry that I am complaining like this and that this is so long, but I just needed to vent! You must be asleep by now! :sleeping: Sorry!

Keep well and God bless! :)

07-15-2007, 05:59 AM
Dear IloveHistory,
Sorry I wasn't part of this conversation to begin with but I can't help but be amazed at how much you have to cope with! God bless you!!
I mean I complain about feeling tired sometimes but compared to your variety of conditions, which even doctors cannot empathize with, let alone people you know, I have no right to complain..
I'm so sorry you feel physically exhausted and angry at the neurologists who want to diagnose what they feel like and ignore what they don't!! I know it's not easy and I cannot tell you I feel the same because my lupus is mild and my experience with doctors has been better, fortunately. But you really touched my heart. So good luck with doctors in the future and I hope you feel relatively better soon, if not A LOT better :D I'll keep you in my prayers. All the best, Dina

07-15-2007, 09:03 AM
ILoveHistory, I bet you felt like bopping that Neurologist on the head! If I were there I sure would!
Ditto with exhaustion here. I have just learned to do things "piecemeal"...I work til I am tired, then lie down, then work, then lie down. It takes a lot longer getting things done, but they can wait.
Where did this neurologist get her MD degree? Off the back of a cereal box? Grrrrrrrr :mad:

07-15-2007, 09:52 AM
Didn't want to stop the flow of this conversation girls, just wanted to pop in real quick to say "Welcome Back" to Littlered. You were missed. :lol:


07-15-2007, 10:40 AM

Dandoon_88: Thank you so very much for your kind words and support! :) I honestly and truly do appreciate it more than I could ever say with words!

Littlered: :lol: I love what you said about the cereal box! :lol: You are SO funny, Littlered! :lol:

Keep well and God bless! :)

07-15-2007, 05:46 PM
First, welcome back Littlered!! So happy to see your post - I worry when one of our family is absent for a while. And, I'm soooo glad your new home is making you happy. And, glad your dear Novio suffered no long term damage from his 'overdose!' I almost felt guilty laughing at the way you told the story...poor thing!

Secondly, Ilovehistory, I'm just disgusted at your neurologist's behavior. She's not exactly a poster child for bedside manner! You have so much to deal with, and you are so young, the last thing you need is someone doubting your very real problems. I hope your parents and other docs set her straight. (Or, maybe what she needs is a good, swift kick in the ....... :twisted:) I truly hope and pray that you find some relief from your symptoms. You're a brave young lady.


07-15-2007, 08:06 PM
Hi Mnjodette!

Thank you SO very much for your kind words, understanding and support! :) All of you on this Forum mean SO much to me, more than any of you will ever realise! :)

My Neurologist's 'excuse' for her behaviour is apparently that I have "so much potential" and should therefore forget about all this illness and go to school and carry on normally with my life! :? :?: :!: :x Erm? Excuse me?! How am I supposed to carry on normally with my life and forget about my illness when my illness is preventing me from functioning normally and doing just that?! :? Half the time, when I actually make it to school, I have a Tonic-Clonic Seizure/faint/vomit/have severe Asthma attacks because my body is just so weak and my chest cannot make it up all of those stairs at school and neither can my heart's Tachycardia! She then tells me that I'm not an "ill person" because I'm "not confined to a hospital bed and can walk and talk"! :?: :mad: As far as I am aware, 'ill' is a synonym for 'sick', so if I'm neither, what do you call a person with seizures (confirmed as seizures), Dysautonomia (confirmed through testing), bad Asthma (confirmed through testing), a variety of endocrine problems (confirmed by blood tests), I.B.S., Celiac Disease (confirmed through testing), severe allergies (five of which cause Anaphylaxis)(confirmed through testing), Lactose Intolerance (confirmed), Hypoglycaemia, tics, involuntary movements, Peripheral Neuropathy, Migraines, Trigeminal Neuralgia, some strange Auto-immune Disease, severe exhaustion, oral ulcers, genital ulcers, nasal ulcers, internal ulcers (confirmed through tests), a variety of skin problems (including Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Irritant Contact Dermatitis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Keratosis Pilaris, mild Acne, Athlete's Foot and Erythema Nodosum) and muscle problems, who has had nine chest infections in six and a half months, has Chronic Conjunctivitis in both eyes, suffers from constant kidney,bladder and G.I.T. infections and has almost no immune system available to fight any invaders? :roll: :x All of the above have been diagnosed by doctors; I do not self-diagnose, so what is this doctor's problem?! :cry:

Sorry! Just needed to vent some more!

Keep well and God bless! :)

07-18-2007, 08:00 PM
welcome back lil red!! glad that you're out and about doing your thing. sounds like your having lots of fun. i understand how you feel about 'popping in'. ive been away for a lil while too, doing the same thing. you were missed, and i always miss everyone here.

also, am so glad poochy is just fine. i have a 200lb baby boy (11 yr old malamute named malik) and he can be a bit of a 'party animal' too!! :lol: he's currently on time out!

so sorry ilovehistory! what a @*&^%#!!!
i'm with jody and saysusie, she needs both pop in the head and a swift kik in the you know where... at the same time. thatl fix her! :twisted:

be well :wink:

07-19-2007, 02:00 PM
Thanks, Angela! :lol:

07-22-2007, 05:15 PM

It was so good to read your post, and to know that you're healing and feeling well. What a blessing you are to all of us here, we missed you.!!

Much love,

07-22-2007, 08:54 PM
Hi Littlered -

So glad things are going well for you. I'm sure you've heard a lot of excuses, being a teacher about "the dog ate my homework".........but I'm never heard "the doc ate my medication"! I'm sure glad your pup is ok! And you, too!

I'm thinking of you, too, Ilovehistory!

07-24-2007, 02:23 PM
Am I the next food network cooking star?
If you can't handle reading about bodily functions, read no further. This is all the disclaimer you are going to get. Fair enough.

Hubby complained to me recently about irregularity. Yes, I too, was feeling a bit uncomfortable. It happens, as you get older...that, and the fact that we were seduced by the gourmet cheese counter and have been doing way too much snacking...no, we don't eat the "freebie samples"...I am taking immunosuppressants, do you really think I am going to put those in my mouth? But we DID overindulge and bought several wonderful cheeses...sharp cheddars, buttery Havartis, nutty Swiss, yummy Gorgonzola, creamy mozzarella, and some snappy pepper Monterrey Jack. We can and do make quickie meals out of great cheese, wonderful breads and fresh fruit.

Anyway, coupled with our quickly bloating problem, he pointed out that I need not cook breakfast everyday. For one thing, breakfast is the ONE meal I hate to cook...I'm not "inspired" at that time of the morning, and I'm just not all that crazy about eggs. Once in awhile, perhaps. But hubby got me thinking about making something that could be prepared ahead of time and grabbed on the run, that would taste good, be good for us, and solve our "problem."

I was bored so I went into the kitchen and started taking things out of the pantry. Oatmeal (which we buy but rarely eat, because we hate it,) wheat germ, whole wheat flour, a large can of purple plums (which I pulverized in the blender,) dried apricots, chopped pecans, molasses,baking powder, baking soda, olive oil and from the fridge, blueberries and yogurt. I also grabbed some of my go-to spices for fruit baking (ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and a touch of coarse black pepper.) At the time I was choosing the ingredients, I was thinking, ok, this is good for antioxidants, that's good for fiber, etc, etc.

I sifted the dry ingredients together (just EYEBALLED the amounts, even according to Rachel Raytard, a no-no in baking, but what the hell.) I mixed the "wet" ingredients, then folded in the blueberries, nuts and apricots. I oiled the pan and baked, then cut into 1" by 1" by 2" bars, which I drizzled with honey.

They tasted great! Chewy, moist texture, a little crunchy on the bottom and sides, and the flavor was rich and indulgent (I guess from the fruit and nuts,)with that final zing of spiciness. Hubby ate one for breakfast day before yesterday and so did I. The initial aftereffects of the breakfast bars was ok. The bars were filling enough to feel satisfied til lunch, and there were no "emergency" runs to the restroom....it just mooooooved things along, nice and slow. (Hubby wants to call them "Officer BarBrady Bars", as in, "Mooooove along, folks, nothin to see here.")

Then yesterday, same thing. I was feeling proud as punch. I even told my husband that maybe I'd try out for the Next Food Network Star...my "culinary vision" would be "Food That Move Things Along." because, come on, we ALL get this problem, right? Hubby just said, "Ok, Kath, whatever you say. Maybe they're looking for someone to appeal to all us babyboomers, who are getting older." Then we laughed. Yeah, right....a Food Network program devoted to constipated people. That'll sell. Riiiiiiiight.

But today...ohhhhh today. Husband ate his bar and left to go into the office. Within 5 minutes, he's zooming our VW around the corner, screeching to a halt in the driveway, running through the door, yelling, "Get out of my way, quick! Go! Go!" with his pants around his ankles. -- Good thing we have 2 restrooms or he'd have had to use the garbage can, as I myself, was feeling the effects.

See, the problem with these bars is that they work TOO well. No, you don't get diarrhea, it's just all mooooooving along ALL the time. My husband's already finished a novel he only started yesterday. I'm thinking of putting a TV set into the master bathroom. I mean, this is going on ALL THE TIME, people!

We still have half a pan of these colonblow bars left. I'm contemplating cutting the "dosage" in half. Maybe that'll help. Maybe I'll wrap them up in plastic wrap individually and freeze them. Hubby says I should put them in jars labeled, "Break Glass In Case of Emergency."

No, I am NOT feeding them to the dogs. They go enough as it is.

Pretti in Pink
07-25-2007, 04:52 PM
So, uh got some homemade colon cleansers! :shock:

07-25-2007, 05:38 PM
That was a very moving story... LOL

07-25-2007, 07:10 PM
You paint quite a picture, Littlered! You could write another book just using some of the storeis you've told on this board!

By the way...how's the book coming?


07-26-2007, 06:22 AM
Ohhh the book...
A bit of explanation. I wrote one book already. It's a sci-fi thing. The story premise was a good one. I set myself a schedule and wrote from 8 to 10 every day. The next day I'd revise yesterday's writing, and write some more. I already knew where the plot would eventually go, and it got written. Poorly (I think) but it got written. The problem is, the rewrite. I read some, revise, and just get so discouraged that I wish I had killed my protagonist on page 1. "Boom!" The End. This book was "methodically" written. Somehow inspiration or something came and I just wrote it. (It's called "Paint" by the way.) I am not quite sure what's wrong with it. The characters need fleshing out, for one thing. They're pretty one dimensional. But I am sick, sick, SICK of the thing. So I've put it away for now.

THIS book is wayyyy different. I write it only when I have a clear idea as to what the chapter's about. The chapters are out of order, but I will fix that when it's done. I jot down ideas as they come to me, and write only when Raynell (my protagonist) won't leave my mind alone. And what gets written is GOOD, perfect the first time I type it. Bus, alas, the muse doesn't visit every day, or even every week. It's like, the last book came from my head. This one is coming from my heart, and it's lots harder. Like giving birth. It's on hold again for now until Raynell pokes at my subconscious again.

Thanks for asking!! Love, Kathy


07-28-2007, 09:17 AM

I'm thinking those would bars would be handy to have in the freezer for when they were needed...............because when you need them, you need them......