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07-02-2007, 11:34 AM
Hello friends!
Yes, Latin teachers do indeed have a wild side! It was a real blast walking around that wonderful replica of the Parthenon with wine glass in hand, talking to a group of Latin teachers that I had never met before, except in cyber-space. There were nearly 400 Latin teachers there! Nashville is a lovely city. I was a day late thanks to the awful weather in Texas. We were also terribly delayed at DFW getting back home because of storms in Dallas yesterday. I've never had problems with swelling in my feet before, but yesterday, my feet were really swollen, and they still are today. I also had a lot of very unpredictable spasms in both of my legs while flying - such fun! I did a LOT of walking around the campus with the aid of my trusty husband and my trusty cane. I was pretty exhausted, but I did alright.
I'm looking forward to two more trips at the end of the month. First, I'll be driving to Sherman, Tx. for the Richardson Institute for Foreign Language teachers. On the day that I'm driving back to San Antonio, my sweetie flies out to Las Vegas. The Air Force is putting him up in Caesar's Palace for 10 days to attend 2 conferences! I decided to wash my clothes, re-pack my suitcase, and fly out to join him! I'll get to enjoy Las Vegas for 6 days! What a summer! I'm having lots of fun trying to schedule doctor and dentist appointments around all my traveling.
Hopefully, I'll feel ready to go back to school in August.

07-02-2007, 07:12 PM
Aren't you the hearty traveler? Sounds like a lot of fun, Marla. I've been worrying about all of the folks in Texas - what a mess! Glad you traveled safely. Enjoy your next two trips! I've never been to Las Vegas. Gotta' do that one of these years!


Pretti in Pink
07-03-2007, 05:17 AM

Good for you-if your body allows you to travel- travel, travel, travel. Las Vegas is fun (even outside of the gambling). Great shopping, shows and sites. Have fun and be safe.

07-03-2007, 09:38 AM
Well first...welcome back from your trip which (aside from delays) sounded wonderful!
Secondly...Bon Voyage on your upcoming trip to Las Vegas. Make sure that you take a lot of protective clothing, tons of sunscreen, and some nice hats and drink plenty of water because the temperature has already been in the 3-digit zone. Also, Vegas DOES NOT cool down very much at night. All of the concrete absorbs the heat during the day and then releases it at night!

Other than that, it is my second favorite city and since I am only 3 hours away, I go at least once per month (even though I never gamble a penny!).

I am happy that you enjoyed your trip and I know that you wil enjoy your upcoming trip!!

Peace and Blessings

07-03-2007, 06:18 PM
Thanks Saysusie and everyone else,
I know all about the heat in that area, since my Dad lived in Phoenix until he passed away two years ago. I've been to Vegas once before - just passing through. I'm not a gambler at all and I'm definitely not an outdoors type, but I'm looking forward to a couple of shows and the shopping. I LOVE the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton and of course, I'll spend LOTS of time in Caesar's Palace. I'll probably bring back lots of loot to use in my classroom. Believe it or not, I'm mostly just looking forward to a nice, quiet room away from kids, cats, and dogs where I can prepare my lesson plans without interruption. How about that? Going to Vegas to hole up in a room to do school work!

Pretti in Pink
07-04-2007, 08:25 PM
That's dedication!

07-05-2007, 10:24 AM
Hi Magistramarla!

Welcome back and enjoy your next two trips! :D The first one sounded wonderful (apart from the delays), so I hope that you enjoy the other two just as much, if not more! :D

Keep well! :)