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06-28-2007, 08:13 AM
Hi to Everyone:

Just back on line today and wanted to wish each and everyone a big hello. Caught up on a few posts and was sad to see our dear StJames is very ill again so am sending up prayers in his direction with lots of positive energy. I also missed seeing Marycain posting recently so am hopeful she is well and will be returning soon.

Well, I finally did it. Had my second total knee replacement completed on April 19th, so that is two new knees in six months. Ran in to some difficulties with a kidney infection and urinary tract infection the first month that made me pretty ill but overall this second knee has not been as difficult recovery or as painful as the first. I can finally walk! Last week I walked up to a mile at a beautiful park near our home that runs along the river. I couldn't believe it, our little dachshund keep lying down to rest and there I was barely pausing to breath. What a miracle!!!!!

My lupus continues to plague me daily and of course I went into the usual flare after surgery but overall right now it is manageable. I still haven't returned to taking my methotrextate since surgery and am considering waiting to see how I do overall as only my joints are bothering me.

Here's hoping my post finds everyone else in good health and enjoying the summer.


06-28-2007, 08:25 AM
Beautifulbeluga :lol:
Welcome Home and CONGRATULATIONS on your successful knee surgery and especially on your recuperation and you mile walk (even though your little puppy may think otherwise :D ).
I am a bit worried about Marycain as we have not seen her in several weeks. I am praying that all is well with her!
I call St. James every 2-3 weeks to check on his health which, while improving slowly, is not progressing as well as he'd like. He, too, remains in my prayers.
Do you have to take any special precautions with you new knee? I know how wonderful it must feel to be able to walk without aids and at your own pace. I am so happy for you!!

Once again....welcome back and congratulations!!
Peace and Blessings

06-28-2007, 12:05 PM
Hi back Saysusie: thanks for the welcome home. That is very unusual for Marycain not to be active on the forum without letting anyone know why she would be absent, this is very concerning. Lets hope and pray she is OK and just playing Hooke. Sorry, also to hear St. James is is ill again, he certainly has had a tough time over the past few years, may God give him the strength to endure and hopefully restore some of his health so he can once again join us.

How are you doing? You have been such a tower of strength to all of us and an inspiration over the years. I hope you are well yourself.

No, I don't have to take any special precautions to speak of for my new knees other than keep doing stretches and exercises to continue to strengthen them. Of course any kind of twisting is a no no and kneeling on them especially without pads is not recommended. I can't do that anyway and maybe never will be able to other than in the swimming pool where I kneel to give them a good stretch and increase my flex. Everyone has a difficult time with these knee replacements keeping the scar tissue from building up and restricting movement, so the more stretching and using the knee the better. So far I have had no problems in this area.

I just love, love, love being able to walk again after so many years of immobility. If all goes well I plan on taking ballroom dancing lessons in the winter with my husband and finally doing some travelling now that I can get around...........................Take care..................Patricia

06-28-2007, 06:49 PM
Beautifulbeluga, I'm so very happy to hear that your recovery from this surgery went so well. A mile walk!!! What a great outcome for you! Not surprising that lupus has reared it's ugly head as a result of your surgery, but with time I hope it settles down. We're so glad to have you back among us.

We are all worried about Marycain and hope that perhaps it's a technology problem that hasn't been resolved. Wish we knew how to reach her. Prayers for her well being, and for St. James in his struggle for returned health, are plentiful - they both mean a lot to members of this board, as you well know.

Hope you continue to heal and add more distance to those walks!


06-29-2007, 09:46 AM
Beautifulbeluga :lol:
Wow! Ballroom dancing!! That is absolutely wonderful. You are right to keep the knee mobile and walking has been found to be the best form of exercise (along with swimming) for body conditioning without jarring and stress on the joints. So, you keep on walking girlfriend. I love walking just to be outside (as opposed to a treadmill), breathing fresh air and enjoying the view. I know how wonderful this must be for you now. Such a simple thing, like taking a walk, for people like us is a miracle and a gift to be treasured. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you.
Myself, I am doing fairly well. I had a pretty bad flare and am still suffering a bit from the residuals of that flare. But, I have not let it prevent me from doing those things that I enjoy (I love to swim and am in the pool almost everyday. I am such a water baby...I see water anywhere and I want to jump right in - even water fountains, it's crazy!) :lol:
I, too, am becoming increasingly concerned about Marycain, especially since I have no way of contacting her. So, I continue to keep her in my prayers daily.

Once again...it is so good to have you back and I want you to keep on truckin' (oops - I am really dating myself huh?)

Peace and Blessings

Pretti in Pink
06-29-2007, 07:03 PM

welcome back and thank GOD for your recovery and success with your knee. I'm glad all is going in the right direction for you.

06-30-2007, 11:57 AM
Hi BeautifulBeluga!

I am SO glad to hear that your second Knee Replacement Surgery went so well! We have missed you and are glad to see you back!

Keep well and God bless! :)