View Full Version : Cytoxan and Prolonged Treatment

Pretti in Pink
06-25-2007, 07:34 PM
hello family,

i have a concern. i have been on cytoxan (iv, every 3-4 weeks) since Sept. 06 and have had 8 treatments ( i missed a couple) but i am wondering how much longer this will go on and what results my rheumi is looking for or rather what i should i be asking him? Is he going to keep on w/treatments until i go into remission? I also have lupus nephritis but my creatnine level was 1.1 and it has been improving.

I am getting concerned because it seems like the chemo has been affecting my stomach. I have like cramping pains whenever I eat or drink something and I have been drinking alot of water as well, not 2-4 quarts because I would just be on the toilet all day.

Should i be asking for test to check and make sure my bladder is okay and cystosis or something is not setting up? Has anyone experienced this with their chemo treatments.

Oh, BTW, I am still on prednisone (alt. 5/10 mgs every other day), plaquenil 200 mgs (2x a day) is this too much? I am concerned about that as well.

06-25-2007, 08:31 PM
Hi Pretti,

It's ALWAYS in your best interest to ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS as you possibly can. Be a partner in your care, not just a patient. The more you learn, the more assertive and attentive you will be to your symptoms.

I believe a doctor that you trust can help answer those questions for you. There's no doubt that all these drugs we take affect our kidneys, bladders, hearts, lungs, etc.

I can only give you my perspective and I would like to encourage to write down some questions, notes, etc.....and schedule some "extra" time to talk with the doctor about your concerns.

I hope that you will soon find relief and some answers.....you will be in my prayers....take good care of yourself.

Much love,