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06-13-2007, 11:35 AM
I want to share but I wasn't certain where to put this, as it has great info and too, a weblink. I was watching Good Morning America and they were discussing a topic about Sun Block Clothes. Interesting I thought, especially that you can by a product by Rit..(the maker of the clothes dye product.)

They have a product out that you wash your clothes with it. I cut and pasted the following information from GMA webpage.

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Good Housekeeping also recommends a laundry rinse product called Rit SunGuard ($1.99 for one box, or $11.94 for a 6-pack of one-ounce boxes; each box is good for one wash), which can add extra UV protection to your cotton, linen and rayon clothes.
The institute found it to be effective and it has been approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
Rit SunGuard helps block more than 96 percent of the sun's UV rays from reaching your skin and boost the UPF protection of your clothes to 30. You add one package of SunGuard to a warm or hot water laundry load along with laundry detergent.
The Rit SunGuard penetrates your clothes' fibers so the clothes will absorb UV light. It's safe for children's clothes and for people with sensitive skin. One treatment provides protection for up to 20 washings.
Rit SunGuard is sold through the company's Web site, sunguardsunprotection.com and at stores including WalMart and Walgreens.

""Clothes with UPF of 40+ or 50+ (Excellent protection)
L.L. Bean Tropicwear shirt ($39.00)
Lands' End Performance knit tee shirt ($19.50)
Sunsafe classic shirt ($62.00)
Coolibar Beach shirt ($60.00)
Clothes with UPF of 30+ (Very Good protection)
ExOfficio Exo Dri Pointelle V tee shirt ($30.00)
Outdoor Research Venture pants ($65.00)

None of the clothes Good Housekeeping tested had special chemical treatments for UV protection. Those treatments tend to be in more expensive clothing lines and most UV-protective clothes are not chemically treated. Their sun protection comes from the fabric and the weave -- often, tightly-woven polyester.

As a rule, if you can hold clothes up to the light and can't see through them, you'll have better sun protection than if you can see through them.

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06-13-2007, 05:22 PM
seems to be good info, thanks for sharing.

06-18-2007, 07:05 AM
That was great information. My husband and I vacation in so many places that are hot, humid and the sun is relentless. I have a difficult time protecting myself in those places. So, for me, this is great information.....thank you!!
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07-19-2007, 06:22 PM
You are all welcome.

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Great information; thanks for thinking of us and sharing these helpful hints.

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You are welcome Browneyedgirl.

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