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05-25-2007, 12:40 AM
Does anyone else seem to have more trouble when job hunting because of lupus? I've been searching for the last couple weeks, and can't seem to find one because every time I find something that may work for me, I mention lupus and how it might mean needing sitting time, and they just immediately shut down. I'm trying for office jobs or somewhere in a small, slow-paced shop, but they either aren't hiring, are only hiring full-time (which won't work since I'm still in college), are too far away (as with openings found online), or do what I said before. Which I know they're not legally supposed to do, but let's face it, all companies do it anyways. Any hints on job hunting?

05-25-2007, 04:51 AM
i am going thru a similar thing...but u know what...i don't mention that i have lupus, because...legally they can't ask. i just apply for jobs that i know allow desk work. but what i now find difficult is when we get to the question of why i left my last job....well, i have to walk on broken glass to answer this because i was terminated because i couldn't return back to work after my short term disability ended. i then applied for long term disb, but it was denied and i'm going thru the appeal process now. so, officially i took a leave of absence and was unable to return....so that's what i say. if i say more...no job offer...no job. i hate that i can't be completely honest with companies, but society has put us in a corner re: this topic. i'm up early this morning online looking for a job! i don't feel good and i have to look for a job! i'm depressed and i have to look for a job! why? because of dr appts that i can't afford, meds that i can't afford, food, bills, rent, utilities...u name it, it isn't free...nothing is. it's so hard to get discouraged, tho i pray...i can't get myself out of this slump. i need a job and no one will hire me. i get calls but for all the wrong type of jobs. it's like...when i do my job search i have to think of having lupus, because there are certain things i can't do. when i apply for jobs, i think of lupus, because i'm afraid they may ask why i left...if i actually start a job and have to need a day off for being sick...i feel like damaged goods. and then i'm watching my back because i now know they will try to get rid of the 'liability' which is me!

i wish i could tell some encouraging words...but at this point...i feel u & i'm in the same pickle! lol... lupus sucks! (big time)

woe is me, woe is me! :cry:

but regardless to what i'm going thru...u stay encouraged...do it for the both of us! and i'll try to do it on my end too! pls keep me posted! and be blessed & best of luck...there's a perfect job out there for u and me...we just need help finding it! lol...

take care!
hasanati :D

05-25-2007, 04:00 PM

i just started a new job and i had the toughest time while interviewing. i decided not to mention lupus in my interviews and thankfully no one asked about the 4 month period of time between now and my last job. however, the awkwardness now is that i don't know how to broach the subject of lupus with my coworkers and i worry about if anything happens what i will do. i am also sure people found it odd how i was often more interested in hearing about the health benefits and how soon they become available over information about vacation time and 401Ks. since starting back working i am exhausted when the weekend hits which everyone said would happen but by Friday 5pm my coworkers say I look like the walking dead. :S also I did not ask about needing sitting time but I did focus on asking questions about the intensity of the work environment and if working from home was an option if needed. That may have cost me a few jobs but really worth it in the long run.
good luck and do be encouraged. who knows you might end up working with or interviewing with someone who also has an "invisible illness"

05-26-2007, 01:02 PM
hi there! im sorry your having a tough time looking for a job. pappillon and hasanati are right. just don't mention it. i used to be an hr director here in califonria and other western states, and it's illegal for anyone to ask, even after you're hired. it's totally up to you to tell anyone. and if you do, its not somthing you can be fired for. however, we have 'at will' employment laws here in california, which means you can be fired for no reason at all. because of my background in hr management, ive seen managers fire people for "no reason" when really it was something that they couldnt fire them for legally. it's a screwy catch 22.

if you were a client of mine, i would advise you not to say anything (because you dont have to) until or unless you were there long enough, and you felt comfortable. especially if they have a probationary period. if your health starts to effect your work in a way that puts your job at risk, then say something. your health puts you in a 'protected class' catagory.

i hope this helps and good luck!!

05-26-2007, 09:31 PM
yeah, the "at-will" clauses are what bug me, because to keep a job I have to mention any possible special accomodations, but as soon as I do, they shut down. Maybe we should petition to ban the at-will clauses...

05-27-2007, 02:34 PM
My heart doctors won't allow me to work, but when I am feeling feisty (and that's whenever I'm not flaring too badly NOT to feel feisty), I am always saying I'm going to go "find a job"... and I really want to. (The doctors laugh... hmmm)
Anyway, I had my eye on a job, and was hired--to do paralegal document preparation at home. I would have to go into the office for one day a week tops. Problem though--right before I was supposed to start, I had to have surgery again. GRR. So I had to call the lawyer and tell him he should find someone else.
I am still hoping to find a job like that... when this whole thing in finally under control.
I wish you luck. I too feel like I'm being less-than-honest if I don't bring up the health issues. I understand that they can't ask... but I "do" require special accomodations...
I wish you luck,

05-28-2007, 01:41 PM
I think it varies state to state, and company to company -- but you will see on many job applications (paper and/or online) some sort of question re whether you have any "chronic" conditions, of which Lupus is one -- and it some cases, non-disclosure on your ap can be grounds for firing.

I don't know all the details -- I leave that up to the experts on the board.