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05-23-2007, 12:53 PM
Hello All,
Some mornings I wake up and my legs look like someone else's--they are SO swollen--and the rest of my body, too--but my legs are the worst. I literally seem to grow by 3 sizes overnight... and my legs are really sore.
Yesterday I was on my feet ALL day long (and into the night) due to a social gathering that we hosted here at our house--could this have something to do with it?
Anyone else have sudden swelling? My joints are okay--not painful--(actually since we got the sauna, the joints have been feeling much better) but my muscles are sore, like I worked out.
Thanks for any advice,

05-23-2007, 01:39 PM
Hey Kristin,

my body swelled when i started taking prednizone, they handled this with butenamide(water pill) , it sounds to me like you might have some kind of allergy going on, i think you best bet would be to get in contact with your doctor asap, i gusess overdoing it could be the culprit but i think it might worth a few blood tests to make sure

listen to me, mr I hate needles

05-23-2007, 01:47 PM
Hi Kristin
It does sound like fluid retention..check with your doc as to the cause...as for sore muscles, whenever I adjust my prednisone dose (mostly up) I get very sore muscles, almost on par with joint pain. I have found that the supplement magnesium really helps my sore muscles.
Hope this helps...

05-23-2007, 01:54 PM
Thanks guys :)
I'm not on Prednisone right now--only the Plaquenil and Doxepin and Advil and Vytorin...
I wonder if it's just that I was on my feet too long.
I wish my doctor would give me something to get rid of the fluid, though. Maybe I should take a walk or something?

And the last thing I want to admit is that this might be an allergy... LOL the only thing I did last night that I don't usually do is eat some cookies... and that sugar can really throw us off, can't it? I am trying SO hard to deny that... My hubby keeps telling me to quit sugar and white flour... but HOW can I live without home made chocolate chippers??? hahaha

Does anyone else feel this from time to time? Does sugar bring it on? (Please say no, please say no... hahaha)

05-23-2007, 01:55 PM
whenever my kidneys aren't doing so well, I swell up like a toad. I can't even remove my wedding ring. I also really notice it in my ankles.
If you hav ever had kidney issues, you might want to check it out with your Nephrologist. Just a thought. Love, Kathy

05-23-2007, 02:01 PM
Kathy--that's exactly what I was thinking. It seems to be so sudden, and so extreme...

What are symptoms that the kidneys are having trouble? My urinalysis seems to be fine... but I have had very specific flank pain lately... and I am always having "pee emergencies"... no notice... today I haven't gone but once. And that's uncommon. I have drank 4 glasses of water and 2 cups of coffee..

Now I'm swollen up and all my stretch marks are stretched out LOL!

05-23-2007, 09:22 PM
Have you been tested for diabeties?

05-24-2007, 07:28 AM
Hi Sary,
Well they ran a blood sugar test on me and it came back okay--it was fasting... is that what you mean?
This morning I am better--not back to normal yet, but better.
One thing--last night my belly right under my ribs was hurting all the way through to my back. It was a strange pain--like a deep bruise, but hurt without touching it. When I did touch it, it radiated up to my chest. This morning it is still sore.
Who knows. My GI doc says that when I swell up, my intestine seems to swell up, and cause malabsorption problems. I suppose that could be a root cause to all of this.
Thanks for all of your support,