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05-20-2007, 10:49 PM
Hi Friends,

I wanted to share with you the good news that I have started back to work (last week)...working half days right now....and gradually working up to full time.

I have been out of work since September 2005, having suffered kidney failure, heart attack and mild stroke. My employer held my job all this time; how blessed am I ? It fills my heart that there is still good to be found in this crazy world.

It has been one of the longest and hardest struggles of my life. I learned that it's when we're in the "valleys" of our lives that we do most of our growing. I swear, I hope I learned everything the first time around - cause those were lessons you don't want to "do over"....if you know what I mean. I used to believe that "what" I did was a measure of who I was. I made work my life, and in that chase I lost many friends, family...and I look back now and say to myself "you silly girl, what were you thinkin?"

So, I thank God that lupus came into my life. I think He knew it was the only way I was going to stop long enough to listen and learn life lessons that I ignored a long time ago. Lupus has taught me that TODAY we choose to live a new dream; TODAY we manage our lives....just for TODAY. TODAY, we tell those we love and who mean so much to us; just how much they mean to us and how thankful we are for their love and support. TODAY, I'm breathing - I'm hopeful - I'm thankful - I'm in love with this crazy life - and TODAY I'm thankful for second chances.

So, If I may be so bold....I would like to ask for your prayers that my health will hold up...so that I may live a life that will be encouraging to others. I thank you all for being here, for sharing, for caring....and especially Saysusie & St. James for their dedication. Your dedication makes us all feel like we're cared for......AND THAT'S A GOOD THING!

I'm not going anywhere, I'm here to stay - I just wanted to say thanks because my heart is so full tonight.

Much love,

05-21-2007, 06:25 AM
Congratulations! That is such good news. Getting back to a job you love is such a good feeling. You will be in my prayers. :)

05-21-2007, 09:24 AM
Oh, browneyedgirl...don't you KNOW that I have NEVER stopped praying for you??? Now I can just add thanks to my prayers for you. I love ya, darlin--Kathy

05-22-2007, 03:20 AM
I am so happy for you! What a blessing that is for you! I am so glad that you have such an understanding employer, you are so lucky. I hope everything continues to go well. You are right, as much as I dislike lupus it has taught me so much, lessons that I never would have learned otherwise. Keep us posted on how things turn out

Pretti in Pink
05-22-2007, 03:58 AM

Thank you for sharing your testimony for being an encouragment to others, just by that you are continuing to be the vessel that GOD needed you to be. You know, it is so true that when we take our minds off the illness and learn what we can do through it life does take on a new perspective and appreciation but more important a thankfulness to GOD.

So, I will continue to pray for you and I know you will go back to work with a renewed and refreshed spirit and outlook. I'm glad you are not trying to take it to fast. I will also pray and thank GOD for your employer that has been so good to you, that they will continue to be.

Be blessed and thanks for those times that you have encouraged me.

05-22-2007, 11:01 AM
Browneyedgirl :lol:
You are always in my prayers anyway...but I am saying special prayers that your health continue so that you may work as many hours as you like and that you continue to be a productive and essential person to your employer!
I love good news and that is wonderful news!!

Best Of Luck and Many Blessings

05-22-2007, 01:26 PM

Congratulations on your going back to work! That is wonderful that you are feeling well enough to do so. That is certainly an inspiration to us all! :)

05-22-2007, 08:56 PM
That's just amazing news, Browneyedgirl! Congratulations...and kudos to your employer for being so caring and faithful to you. There must be some special people there. I will absolutely keep you in my prayers...I'm so thankful you're doing well! Lupus can be a 'teacher', can't it? We just need to be patient and take the time to learn. You're an inspiration to us all, Browneyedgirl. Thanks for being part of our lives.


05-24-2007, 04:33 PM

thats fantastic and im so happy for you! you are always in my prayers anyway, but an extra request wont hurt :lol:

05-24-2007, 07:28 PM
Yipppppeeee !!!!! for you!

I've felt that same way about Lupus teaaching me about balance in my life. I think it makes me a better person and employee now.

Good luck to you!!!