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05-14-2007, 10:43 AM
The other poll going on in this forum had me and my husband thinking...
I wonder how many people here have had long-term sleep deprivation? Or long-term stress?

The reason for our considering this is completely personal-experience based. I grew up in an abusive home, and never knew the meaning of "sleep" until 2 years ago when my doctor made me realize that it is NOT normal to wake up at least once an hour during the night. As a child, I couldn't sleep (don't want to be graphic, but sleeping was unsafe at my house), and physical abuse could come at any second during the day (so there was no "relax" time, either). As an adult, this training manifests itself into me--a person who cannot relax, who is a total Type A+ personality who is always 'expecting the other shoe to drop'. My sleep is now better (thanks to Doxepin!)... but without it, I still wake up at least once an hour. (And it takes many hours to fall asleep.)

Does anyone else have this sort of personal experience? Stress certainly makes me flare up BIG time (like, hospital time), and for me at least, it seems all tied together.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this.

05-14-2007, 10:44 AM
Well, that was my first poll, and I see that some of the options cross-relate... sorry about that :) I also see that I made a typo.. Ack.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this stuff.

05-15-2007, 03:27 AM
Hmm now you have me thinking, stress (3 Aspie kids), not a decent nights sleep for ten years straight with all 3 having severe gastric reflux from ages newborn to 3 1/2 years old (ok I know I was a nutter to have three like this in a row lol), and the abuse is my life from childhood (where I was also sexually abused), to an emotionally abusive marriage, to parental abuse from my older two (I have overcome all but it has left scars). I now use Amitrip lowest possible dose on an as need be basis. I was so tense before I asked my doc for this, I did not know how to relax anymore. I use it when flaring, it relaxes the muscles, and ensures a good nights sleep. I now sometimes when not taking it get a good nights sleep, otherwise it is a four hour sleep max.

05-15-2007, 07:24 AM
Hippy-Chic, Boy you and I are so much alike. My older daughter had reflux (boy isn't that fun?) when she was a baby, and I had my second just 18 months later--and she was severely disabled at birth (but is fine now, no credit to the doctors that gave no hope... but that's another story). I also had gone from an abusive child hood home to an abusive first marriage. I finally left him and am now married to a great guy.

Maybe you should talk to your doc about Doxepin--the liquid--it is an old drug, used in higher doses as an antidepressant, but they found that just a touch of it at night allows the body to "sleep". I use only 5 drops in a glass of juice at night (can't taste it at all), and within a couple of hours I am sleeping like a baby. I sleep all night now--at least 9 hours. It's cheap, too--so that's a plus! :)