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04-27-2007, 12:23 PM
I am 32 years old, married and have two beautiful sons. I live in Manitoba, Canada. I have been battling odd conditions for the majority of my adult life and it seems to have 'sped up' exponentially since April 2006. My mother also has Connective Tissue Disorder overlap Scleroderma.

In March 2006 I started my dream business and was on cloud 9. I had it all and my future looked so full of promise and opportunity. One month later my world did a nosedive and I have since had to grieve the financial and emotional loss of a dream business. I am a wreck.

How it started ....

In April 2006 we were forced to put our pekingnese dog to sleep. He was my fur-baby even though he was about 17 years old. I cried for three days straight and knew at the time I was weaking my immune system for colds by crying so much. I sensed this, even assuming I was completely healthy at the time.

Well, sure enough the crying turned into a nasty sinus infection. The doctor prescribed me Biaxin and the sinus infection was gone. However, from April to the end of June I had a constant cough with no other symptoms. Sometimes these coughing fits would start to take my breath away. I had people always telling me that I would have to quit smoking when I never have. It was frustrating.

At this time, the doctor also told me that I had an 'elevated' ESR of 39-47. He didn't seem too concerned at the time until I told him of my Mom's autoimmune condition.

Okay, end of June 2006, the cough is gone and they claim I have/had asthma.

CAUTION ... graphic:

In mid-August I started a menstrual cycle that lasted until I had an endometrial ablasion on Oct24th. This was accompanied with a chronic ache in my right hip. I assumed it was my ovary and was told my ovary looked fine, although there was unexplainable increased blood flow to it (btw, 6mths later and pain is still here). I am scheduled for another ultrasound in July.

Prior to having the ablasion I began to lose large pieces of tissue that the doctor said were likely polyps. At my follow-up from the surgery he told me that he was not comfortable with the 'bulkiness' of my uterus and that it was very 'hyperplastic'. He did state though that all tissue was sent to pathology and came back fine. He has put on my file that the next step will be a hysterectomy.

Now, while all of this is going on I am becoming increasingly depressed and unable to control my emotions. I attribute this to the uncertainty of my health.

Also since last summer I have had a STEADY flare of genital ulcers. The doctors have tested these over and over and over and always say that they are 'non-specific'. Well, non-specific to me doesn't tell me how to ease the physical and sexual side effects. I have not been 'bump-free' for over a year and that is so exhausting.

Anyways. I found this site about a month ago and have been reading more and more. I am currently in the testing stage for lupus and I have a strong instinct that it is. I had a negative ANA this month although my aunt who has severe rheumatoid arthritis said that hers is always negative as well.

I guess I am here to learn more and understand the potential of me having this uncertain illness. No one ever says 'I want to have Lupus when I grow up'. My self-image and confidence have taken a severe blow and I feel like a carton of milk that has gone sour.

Some of my family medical history is:

Mother has Connective Tissue Disorder overlap Scleroderma
Paternal Aunt has Rheumatoid Arthritis
Paternal Grandmother died of Hodgkins at 43
Birthson has a large facial 'Hemangeoma'

Some of my odd medical conditions (past and present) that makes me think I have Lupus are:

- DEPRESSION! (with anxiety and avoidance)
- Genital Ulcers (OUCH!)
- Anemia
- Protein in urine (always! I never have a test that is normal)
- Heart Arythmia (an irregular sinus rhythm that is usually cycle related)
- Intermittent unexplainable hair loss at times (had my thyroid checked then)
- Hyperplastic Uterine Tissue
- Elevated ESR Levels (39 to 47)
- Vasculitis (red spots all over my arms and thighs ... getting more by the day)
- Skin tags that seem to mysteriously appear out of nowhere
- Blood transfusions x2 (May03 and June04)
- Chronic exhaustion
- Possible arthritis is my right hip and right thumb
- Immune system unexplainably plummets when sad / depressed or stressed

I am sure there is more as I think of it ... but that is a lot already. Hopefully soon I can make some rhyme or reason from this hell because the uncertainty is driving me insane.

Thanks for letting me tell you so much and introduce myself ... I am sorry we all have to meet because of these reasons.


04-27-2007, 04:40 PM
Welcome! And thanks for sharing about youself and your journey so far. I repied to your previous post, too.

I look forward to "talking" more with you. I hope you find this site as useful as I have!

04-27-2007, 06:00 PM
I know when I first was diagnosed, everything that I read kept mentioning to watch my kidneys and lungs. Only my OB picked up that for me, SLE hits the reproductive organs the worst. Which was confirmed by my rheumy.

Thanks for sharing ... I was starting to think my SLE was some weird mutated form or something. I hope that you start to feel better and that better days are in your future! I'm so sorry to hear about your dream business, and hope that you will be able to get back to it some day.


04-29-2007, 08:54 AM
Hi Soul!

I am SO sorry to hear that you have been going through such a difficult time :cry:, but please know that you are in my prayers!

Welcome to the Forum and thank you for sharing your story with us.

Keep well and God bless! :)