View Full Version : ok, i'm gonna try LYRICA for my siezures...

04-23-2007, 11:18 PM
hi gang of mine!! :D

have any of you tried lyrica? i think i asked this before... i have cns-sle, vasculitis and mctd with heart and lung involvment and siezures and tremors (the wiggles as my ladybug calls them :lol: )

can you tell me what to expect or look out for?

ive been on neurontin and its apparently waring off....

thanks :wink:

04-24-2007, 06:46 AM
Hi, Angela - I haven't tried it yet but been discussing it with my docs. I'm in the same boat with the Neurontin not working so hot anymore. So hopefully someone with some experience will be able to tell both of us more about it.

04-24-2007, 06:57 AM
I have not had good results with either both of those and including cymbalta made me so sick... guess my system can't tolerate that drug family... going back to dr today I cant find a rheumy that is taking new patients or that will take my insurance so not sure what I am going to do. This dr is not real good but the only one in my network.

04-24-2007, 09:05 AM
thanks marycain! yeah, i think the neurontin is working on my neuropathy though..

gee mzbeans, the neuro already gave me me some cymalta samples but we held off for the lyrca first. i'm gonna start today and will keep you posted. i do hope you find a doc soon and good luck on yr doc appt tody!


04-25-2007, 09:15 AM
I tried the cymbalta as well made me sick not sure why have been on mobic as well same thing... the neurontin made me start to loose my hearing so I couldn't continue it either. Being referred to yet another neurologist *sigh*

04-26-2007, 09:55 AM
hey mzbeans, sorry that nothings not working yet. how long have you been on mobic? im on it too and your the firsr person ive met that's on it, let alone heard of it! so, it's not working for you? i thought it wasnt, so i stoppd it, but then realized that it was :shock: im tappering off neuronting now and the neuropathy is really kicking in!!

good luck with the new neuro :)