View Full Version : Please say a prayer for Virgina Tech students and family

04-16-2007, 09:25 AM
Watching this on the news is just heartbreaking.

04-18-2007, 11:22 AM
Yes it is heartbreaking. I feel so much for those families who have lost their children, their brothers, sisters, cousins, and so much more! Each loss will affect hundreds of lives, it is overwhelming! My heart aches and tears are flowing. I just can't seem to find any words, so yes, I will say many silent prayers!!


04-19-2007, 07:10 AM
Lord please watch over the families, students and faculty of VT University for they truely need you in this time of dispare. Lord...I pray you show them the way to forgive and let you into their hearts and to know that what happened was not at your hands but at the hands of Satan. Amen I say to you. Lord be with all.

04-19-2007, 10:49 AM
Hi Marycain,

My prayers will be for all who have been affected by this horrible tragedy. I have to share with you all, that I was truly sickened by the disturbing details....so much so - that I have quit watching the news now. What has happened to our sensibilities that this troublesome individual walked among all the promises of our future....and sought only destruction as a means to end his suffering. I am so heartsick about this event.......

My prayer and hope is this....that the Don Imus event stirred enough people to make them rise up and say ENOUGH....and my hope is that it goes beyond water cooler talk....and a new day comes SOON that we will follow in the trend and quit buying the CD's that are so derogatory....and put some momentum into this movement.

Now that we have been shaken and stirred to our cores over this latest tragedy, my hope and prayer will be that there is a healing that takes place in the hearts of our entire nation....that kindness, not judgement is what we all need more of. To not let these tragic deaths be for nought.....my prayer is for an uprising....no - a STORMSURGE of loving kindness that will help carry those who are too fragile to get up and stand for change.....IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP, STAND UP....FOR US ALL BE BE A PART OF A SOLUTION.....greater than our current circumstances. Remember there was a day when our nation rose up and said no more slavery....remember? Remember there was a day when women were not able to vote?....remember? And women vote now. We as a nation of freedom-loving people have the right, the responsibility to make a difference in the lives of those around us.....kindness, compassion, understanding......we can be certain that evil will always be present in this life....BUT BY GOD, IT WILL NOT HAVE A STRONG HOLD HERE....NOT IN MY HEART.....AND I WILL FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE WILL SPEAK ABOUT THE PROMISES OF HOPE, THE TRUTH OF LOVE....AND ABOUT A LOVE THAT KNOWS NO END....MY FATHER IN HEAVEN.....HE WALKS WITHIN EACH OF US AND WE HAVE THE POWER TO CALL HIS FAVOR INTO OUR LIVES EVERYDAY..... I CHOOSE LOVE, I CHOOSE HOPE, AND I CHOOSE GOD.

As you can tell, there has never been such a stirring in me as the past few days. I feel better now - I needed to share my heart about this. I also will ask that we pray that Virginia Tech will RISE UP and will become another place of reckoning for this world - that we need to say ENOUGH. Take back our campuses, our children and not let this miserable soul have the last word....I PRAY FOR GOD'S GRACE AND COMPLETE POWER TO TURN THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO WILL FOREVER BE AFFECTED BY THIS....that God's love will surround them, nurture them, that they will learn that all those who will step forward to help them get back to the business of living - will be there when they are too scared, too worried to keep on keepin' on. I pray that God will send His army of angels to surround and keep them safe and far from harms way.

Thanks for letting me get this out....it's been brewing and I needed to share. Thank you.

Much love to you,

04-19-2007, 03:49 PM
Thank You, Browneyed girl, for putting a voice to what many of us are thinking!
There was much debate about the fact that the news media has been playing the tape of this young man over and over and over. We are being inundated with him when we should be respecting the families who have suffered immesurable loss. Whey must we see and hear his hate-filled words over and over again? Why can't we spend air time talking about how we need to heal from this, what is being done to help the families heal, what is being done to help the nation heal? Instead, he is being glorified and the media is playing right into his hands by giving him front-page coverage and making him headline news.
I also agree with boycotting all media that glorifies violence and demeans persons. It will be argued that this is freedom of speech. Does freedom of speech mean that you need not be concerened about consequences? You need not be concerned about the affect that you may have on an already troubled mind?
But, my biggest argument is (and always has been), why is violence and degradation so replete in our country. Why are the top shows on television those that portray heinious acts of violence? Why are the most popular songs the ones that demean and dehuminize? We have 100+ channels on our T.V. and we are hard pressed everyday to find a show that is not filled with murder, rape, drugs or some kind of sexual depravity. And we wonder how acts like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Imus etc. can be even considered? People are killing one another all over the globe! I am afraid and I am sad and I am trying, will all my heart, to maintain my faith in mankind!
I am praying for a healing in our hearts, in the hearts of everyone in our nation, in the hearts of everyone in the world!
Browneyed girl, I will join you in speaking "ABOUT THE PROMISES OF HOPE, THE TRUTH OF LOVE....AND ABOUT A LOVE THAT KNOWS NO END." for the rest of my life, I will do this with you!!!