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04-04-2007, 03:00 AM
Hi All, havent been on in a while, hope u all are doing well.

Any way, back to my predicament, I am currently working for a boss who is from UK and has recently started or atleast expanded his bussiness in South Africa. His track record looks good and evrything, However he was horribly underpaying me. infact i have experience in my chosen career path, which is web developer, and a university degree he still paid me the same as a fresh graduate.

So I found new employment, permanent, that offers double, medical aid, and
increase based on performance in 3 months.

So now my current boss promised to match the salary and medical aid. But first when i started he specifically made it clear that the only way for me to make a better salary was if the bussiness was going good. So my success was based soley on how much hes new company makes.

I have decided to leave though, and take the new job.

I would like to know if you guys think this was the right decision, or what anyone else would of done.

04-04-2007, 06:01 AM
You made the right decision.
If you had stayed they would have either made your life h*ll,
or looked to replace you on their timetable, because you signaled
to them that you were unhappy by pursuing a better opportunity.
Good luck in the new job!

04-04-2007, 06:06 AM
Thanks alot Henry, it makes me feel a hell of alot better.


04-04-2007, 07:06 AM
It sounds like you made a good decision. Best of luck in the new job!

04-04-2007, 10:09 AM
Hi Morpheus!

I would have done exactly the same if I was in your situation.

All the best with your new job! :)

Keep well! :)

04-04-2007, 06:08 PM
Me, too! Congratulations on your new job!

04-05-2007, 08:30 AM
Best of luck to you! You know, anytime in my life that I have told myself, "I deserve better than this" and gone after something better, I've always GOTTEN something better. God always wants the best for us, and I think those little voices in our head are his way of saying, it's my will for you. Of course you did the right thing. Good for you!

04-05-2007, 07:37 PM
Hi Morpheus,

Change is good....scary perhaps because of the unknown. However, you deserve to go out there and spread your wings....let your creativity take you to places you've always dreamed about.

There's nothing wrong with moving up and moving out. It's what we all have to do when it's time to leave a nest !!

Best wishes for a wonderful new career - GO FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND.

Much love,

04-05-2007, 10:33 PM
since i was a human resources director in my recent previous life (b4 lupus), i say you've made the right decision!