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04-02-2007, 08:40 PM
I guess I'm still a little freaked out. When I think back through my live, after reading the symptoms for SLE, it is all crystal clear. I guess I am mostly wondering if I am going to be stuck in the house like I have been for the last 3 wks. I live to ride my mule with my friends. My husband has always encouraged me to do so.... untill I found out (last week) that I have lupus. Does anyone else out there trail ride? I surely hope so. I really enjoy reading all of your posts. it does answer some of my questions.

04-03-2007, 07:21 AM
I used to ride until a few years ago, but horses, not mules. Honestly, my few experiences with mules have not been happy ones! My dad always said I was "stubborn as a mule", probably why mules and I never got along. But I would love to hear some of your experiences.

I think it's normal to be freaked out when you first heard the word lupus, but with treatment and the right medications, the disease is manageable for most people. There are things in your life that will change; hopefully trail riding will not be one of them. I don't know about the type of trails you have, but most of the ones in this area are fairly shady, so sun exposure wouldn't be as much of a problem.

04-03-2007, 08:00 AM
As a young girl, we lived on a ranch and I (like Marycain) rode horses. In fact, I rode my horse to school and back everyday. I have never tried riding mules. Recently, my husband and I went for a midnight trail ride and, OMG! We were so sore the next morning, we could barely get out of bed. Once you get out of the saddle for a while, your old bones just will not bend like they once had. It took almost a week for the pain to subside enough that we could even walk normally. We were quite a funny sight to see :lol: You would never have believed that I once almost lived in the saddle (lol)

I am happy that you found us and that the site has already answered some of your questions. As Marycain has pointed out, with lifestyle changes, medications and early treatment, many of us have managed our Lupus and have been able to maintain a reasonably normal life. We are here for you if you ever need information, support, understanding or just to vent!
Welcome to our family
Peace and Blessings

04-03-2007, 11:19 AM
Hi Muleladycm!

Welcome to the Forum! :D I'm really glad that you found us and that you have found the posts on this site helpful! :)

Please just know that anytime you need advice, support, information or just to vent or chat, we're all here for you! :D

I used to do horse-riding when I was younger and I LOVED it! :D I have never ridden a mule before though!

Keep well! :)