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03-30-2007, 08:30 AM
Hi Everyone
I have noticed that my lupus symptoms seem to quiet down during my period. Not for very long - maybe 5 days a month or so. Does anyone else notice this?
Does anyone know what our hormones are doing (producing) during menses? I would like to try to find out to see if I can supplement with natural hormones or something.....
I have heard of people who have gone into early menopause and found great relief from symptoms also.
Just curious....

04-01-2007, 09:16 PM
Well, first off, I would have to say that it is now agreed - beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a woman's if period affects her body far beyond the just reproductive system! A woman's period affects her overall health and her overall health affects her period! A woman's menstrual cycle starts when menses flow begins, is followed by the follicular phase when estrogen rises and peaks at ovulation mid-cycle, then ends with the luteal phase when progesterone dominates.
Most studies dealing with this issue were done on women who have Lupus and how their cylce affects their Lupus. Much information has been reported by female lupus sufferers who state that some change occurs in their disease activity during certain times of their cycle, but the timing isn't consistent among all women. Many say their symptoms worsen at the start of the luteal phase, at ovulation, when progesterone is at its lowest and estrogen is at its highest. But, the data on lupus activity and sex hormones are conflicting because some women say that their symptoms lessen. There is no irrefutable data other than the fact that the cycle does indeed have an effect on women's Lupus.
There is a Dr. who is studying this. Dr. Manzi is studying whether women with lupus have significantly different sex-hormone profiles during their menstrual cycle. One hypothesis she is working with is that estradiol levels during the follicular phase and at ovulation are higher in women with lupus than age- and race-matched controls, and that progesterone levels during the luteal phase are lower. She has stated that, "Since estradiol tends to have more of an immunostimulatory effect and progesterone may have more immunosuppressive characteristics, variations in the levels of these hormones during the menstrual cycle may be important."
There was another study to determine the effect of HRT on disease activity, menopausal symptoms, bone mineral density, lipid profile, and mammographic parenchymal density in menopausal women with SLE.
Determine the incidence rate of major side effects of HRT in menopausal women with SLE. It was determined that HRT did not have any significant effects!!
Here is an article that may have some more answers for you:

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