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03-14-2007, 03:04 PM
So I had a a doctor's visit with my nephrologist yesterday and he says I am okay to travel and work and move and start the life that I had put on hold ever since I got diagnosed with Class IV lupus nephritis. Which is exciting since I have been getting cabin fever with 6 weeks of being at home and not working and not having anything consistent (except getting up and eating breakfast so I can take my meidcations).

But instead of being just excited, I am really nervous about applying for jobs and moving(- since I really want to get back to the east coast where my boyfriend and friends are.) I get nervous about new side effects, not really knowing what my lupus even will look like and I'm still bleeding protein but my creatiniine is back to normal. Should I apply for jobs that I might not be able to handle? Is this too much stress to move somewhere new, look for jobs and find new doctors and insurance all at that same time and really quickly? How do I pick what jobs to apply for if I don't even know what might happen? I am very immobilized almost.

Happy for any advice or just positive thoughts and prayers. Any personal stories would be helpful.

03-15-2007, 06:05 AM
Hi Papillon

It's great that your levels are back to normal and I can certainly understand your feeling of being overwhelmed with all the decisions and steps. While I don't have any personal experience with Lupus and the things that you describe...I have had what at the time seemed like moutains to climb!

What worked best for me was to just take one step at a time. If your goal is to be back east where your friends and family are, then start there. Once you have that figured out, then go on to the next thing - new doctors. Find out who's in the area you are going to and talk to them about their doctors and experiences with those doctors. I would also probably call and make sure the doctor is accepting new patients before I jump in.

Once you have an idea where you are going to live, and you know that you have an idea of what doctors are there, then I would start the job search in that area. I would try avoid looking for jobs that might be too much for you...and maybe a starting point could be temp agencies. That way you'd have money coming in fairly quickly to start with.

As for the insurance, I guess that would depend on what you now. Can you keep the coverage you have until you can secure new insurance? There are a lot of insurance companies that provide low cost insurance and perscription plans that cost next to nothing but have pretty good coverage for medications.

Make lists of what you need to do for each step so you can get organized and tackle one thing at a time. If I try to take on something of that size all at once, I go nuts and get nothing done!

Hope this helps! My thoughts are with you.

03-15-2007, 08:00 AM
I've been in your shoes and actuallly didn't work for over a year due to Lupus. I decided to go back part-time. I felt like that way I could ease back into things and have time to rest and for doctor's appts. I'm fortunate to be able to have that choice, I realize, but I think it has made a difference in the amount and duration of flares I have and the state my disease is in today, two years after I decided to go back to work. I now work 24 hours a week.

Good luck with your decision. Only you knows what's best for you! And it may take some trial and error!It's ok!