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03-13-2007, 07:59 AM
I've had Lupus for about five months now. I'm still confused and scared about a lot of things.

What exactly is a flare?

When you're not having a flare, do you feel fine, or just a little less horrible?

Is it a "flare" every time you have symptoms?

When you have a flare and/or symptoms do you need to contact your doctor to be put on more or different meds? Or does it depend on what the flare is like?

I have heard of people being in remission for Lupus.
What does that mean?
Just that they've felt good for a while?
Or that the anitbodies have gone away?
What can be done to make remission happen?
Is is very unlikely, or do a lot of people experience it?
Does it last for years, or just a few weeks?


03-13-2007, 01:32 PM
A flare essentially means when your symptoms worsen. Remission essentially means that the symptoms are manageable or have lessened. Some people have acheived complete remission where they are symptom-free. But, for most of us, remission means that the symptoms are such that we can manage with fewer medications, but we still have symptoms.
When you are in a flare, your symptoms get worse and you may have to take more of your medications or be put on new medications.

That's the condensed version of flares and remission :)

Peace and Blessings