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03-06-2007, 08:34 PM
hi every body, i hope all is well you. i got to vent for a moment! i just found out that im in flull blown menopause!! it happened literally over night :shock: ! they think is all the medication (prednisone specifically) has shut down my adrenal glands which control the brain communications to overies, along with other things. i woke up one day in the first week of january having severe (i mean SEVERE!) hot flashes :cry: , and they seemed to be too frequent and it scared me. i strated tracking them, and they were coming about every 15 min :? . i spoke with my neuro doc and she say i was not taking my pain meds right :roll: and must be in withdrawal. i know i fell on my heard and have short term memory loss, but my hubby has me on strict schedules with alarms everywhere! so no, it not withdrawal. i call my rheumie, and he at least said ok, yeah somethings up, lets find out. so he ran a TONS of test! but nothing to do with horomones levels. so he found the usual stuff low platelets, rbc's, wbc's, etc... so i called my internist, and she ran some other stuff including the horomones test, and sure enough, she said they're off the charts for my age!! i just turned 37 on christmas day! she said the levels are that of 55-58 yr old :shock: ! the good news (i guess) is that i when i had my first round of cytoxan/rituxan it seemed to turn it off! i have had no hot flash AT ALL!! it has seemed to shut the hot flashes/menopause off! i called her today to tell her, ask her what she think. do any of you have any experience with this or know about this?

i hope they dont come back, but more importantly, i concerned about my adrenal glands arent working and what all that means. uhhgg! what now?! :roll:

anyway... thanks for listening! hope everyone is well :wink:

03-07-2007, 10:02 AM
Hi, Angela - I went through the early menopause too - my rheumie told me the combo of cytoxan and prednisone caused "premature ovarian failure" - fortunately I already had my children. I think having chidren so late probably caused some of my hormonal problems too. In my case I was sort of glad to stop having periods because I have endo and my periods were a monthly nightmare. The hot flashes, night sweats, crying jags and other menopause symptoms lasted about six months and then eased up - now I only have them once in a while. Because of the blood clot history, I couldn't take HRT, so there wasn't much the doctors could do. If you haven't already have a bone density test done - you really need to have one now - estrogen helps protect you from bone loss, and when menopause starts your risk for osteoporosis goes up. You're already at higher risk because of prednisone and lupus, so you want to make sure your doctors are monitoring your bone density. The hot flashes and sweats were definitely the worst part for me - my face and neck would turn bright red and my hair would be dripping wet from sweat. Taking soy products helps some people so you might discuss that with your doctor if it continues to be a problem.

03-07-2007, 04:27 PM
thanks marycain! yeah, that's what my internist said too. i never had period problems, unless you count very regular, very light, very short ones. my friends were always jealous. i started mine pretty late though - at 23. then had my ladybug at 34.

thanks again for the info!

be well :wink: