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03-03-2007, 06:56 PM
My body refuses to tolerate medications... I'm even allergic to Reaglan and have to take Domperidone instead for gastroparesis. Plaquenil and other options cause me to spew like a fountain, non stop [sorry for being gross] and the Predisone had little effect on the inflammation/edema, it almost seemed to make it much worse. The more swollen I am the more pain I have... Even with a diuretic.

The overall inflammation/edema is killing me. All my joints are loose, popping, painfull and not tracking; all the lymph nodes are swollen and screaming and my gut is just a mess. I'm miserable. The Dr. tosses his hands up because I seem to have a reaction to almost everything.

Toss in the migraines; the one rash spot that refuses to leave to matter what; the low blood pressure... Aaaaack! I'd have a fit if I had the strength.

So I did a quick google on 'natural anti-inflammatories, lupus' and a lot of stuff came up. Then I went to Vitacost.com and entered lupus to see what they suggested...

So here is what I want to know, has anyone tried?





I think I'll go ahead and give the serrapeptase, zyflamend and MSM a try for a couple of months and see what happens... If I can tolerate it. I pray it can, 'cause I need something to work. At this point, even a little relief is better than none.

03-03-2007, 07:23 PM
Kittyjo, my dad swears by zyflammend (and he's 88 and still grows his garden every year), but I found it upset my stomach too much to tolerate. I have the same reaction you do to plaquenil - non stp vomiting - so I was never able to tolerate it, and I have problems with nausea with a lot of meds. i find that drinking ginger tea, and taking powdered ginger root capsules helps the nausea and allows me to take most of the meds I need to take. Ginger is also a natural antiinflammatory. I have also had good luck with wobezyme-N as an anti-inflammatory. Foodwise, fresh pineapple, papaya, fresh or frozen blueberries and tart cherries are all good to help with inflammation. I don't like the taste of cherries so I use the cherry extract capsules.

03-15-2007, 07:42 PM
?So have you started taking the natural anti-inflam...???

03-19-2007, 04:20 PM
I've been meaning to get back to this, but my body has not been cooperating, I'm sure ya'll understand.

I ordered the serrapeptase; NSI mega digestive enzymes; some more NSI pro/prebiotics; MSM; Pau d'Arco; NSI Colon Cleanse and the Zyflamend... I was anxiously waiting for the products to arrive... When some jerkwad stole the delivered package off the porch, before I could get my jeans on that morning! :mad: Talk about disappointed, angry and just plain broken hearted! It took me another week just to sort all that out and get the products I ordered. Praise God for VitaCost! They replaced the items without charge. <jump for joy> :)

I first did some research on all of this to see if it would be of any benefit, I have really been a physical mess for the last few months, my mom went to GNC to see if she could find anything that might help... She just happened to speak to the manager who has a degree in natural medicine and was very well versed with the problems of Lupus <color me surprised>, he also suggested Serrapeptase even though they do not sell it.... So I knew I must be on the right track.

Thanks for your input MaryCain! I have tried the Zyflamend, and I do think it has helped. I have to take it during a meal, since I have not been eating that much [due to abdominal pain] I have not yet taken a full daily dosage but I'm working up to it. As long As I have some food with it I seem to manage just fine.

The NSI Colon Cleanse [more soothing than 'cleansing']; the NSI pro/prebiotics and the NSI Mega enzymes have really helped to calm the abdominal discomfort [gastroparesis problems]. Also many of the digestive enzymes and probiotics have a anti-inflammatory properties to them for general inflammation as well.

Now as to the Serrapeptase.... The next morning after taking it I was surprised to find that the swollen lymph glands/throat pain and swelling in hands/feet were greatly decreased!

But a few days later the swelling/gland stuff came back... So I went back to my research today and found that I have not been taking enough. So I upped the dosage today. Info on Serrapeptase can be found here:


I'm willing to be the guinea pig here for these items so I'll keep ya'll posted. I was planning on doing a diary by adding each item slowly to the regimen to better anylize the benefits if any.... But I got too eager to wait and just began taking them all, I guess I'm either impatient or desparate, or probably both. :oops:

I'm also looking into the benefits of Perungalli, some info here:
I may give this a try in the near future.