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02-26-2007, 11:23 AM
I am new here. I have so many symptoms of Lupus and have had for several years and new ones appear but I have one physician that says the tests are positive but needs more tests before she can diagnos. Do I really need more testing because I don't know if there is help. My joints are sore all the time and I am so tired all the time. Lately I have been having hallucinations upon waking like bugs are crawling on the bed. It doesn't happen all the time but once in a while. Also I have high blood pressure that cannot be controled. I am on three different medications for it now and still it is high. I have been on so many different blood pressure medications that seem to work for a while but then they stop working and have to be changed. Anyone else have this problem? :?:

02-26-2007, 01:34 PM
Hi Djnel!

Welcome to the Forum! :D I'm so glad that you found us! :D

Please just remember that anytime you need advice, support, information or just to vent or chat, we're all here for you! :D

Someone will be sure to reply to your posts. This really is the most amazingly supportive Forum EVER! :D

I'm sorry that I cannot give you any advice or help about the blood pressure, but I will pray that you and your Physician eventually manage to get it under control and also that you manage to get a diagnosis.

Keep well and God bless! :)

03-08-2007, 07:37 PM
Hi there,

I was "diagnosed" back in the late 1990's even though blood tests didn't indicate that I had lupis. My ANA levels were sky high though (which indicate I have an auto-immune disease) and I have many symptoms of lupis and that is why I was unofficially diagnosed.

However, my symptoms are only mild compared to some. I have learnt to live with the illness I have. When I get shaky and weak, I eat. When I get tired, I sleep. When I get joint pains, I wrap my joints, put warming cream on them or take a pain killer....etc.

So far, none of my internal organs (bar my very annoying bowel) are affected.

I've been told there is no point continually taking blood tests until something radical happens. I've just got to look after myself.

Hope that helps.