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01-05-2007, 11:58 AM
Couldn't smell smoke, fire alarm went off. Didn't realize what the noise was. Puppy is barking, lucky son still home from school, he said it's the fire alarm.

Then tried canceling the call, didn't dial the number right, couldn't remember the code to shut the darn thing off. Finally I did remember the code nearly 5 minutes later.

It was to late the fire department was sent out. I had 7 or 8 of the finest standing at my door. Better than last time. They showed up a week later.

With these cognitive problems there is no way I can work. I so hope I get on disability fast. I have to learn to let son cook, I am not doing such a good job. Hubby is out of town looking for new job, so he can't help.


01-05-2007, 12:52 PM
I know that this was not at all funny when it happened, but the way that you presented it sounded so much like a script for a comedy show. Almost like, "If anything can go wrong, it will!!" :D
I truly understand the cognitive dysfunction and how much it can hamper our everyday activities. I can only imagine how frustruating it must be not to be able to recall simple things in an emergency!!
I am just happy that there was no fire, that you and your son and your dog are ok and that we can all chuckle about it today!
I wish you the best...hang in there!

Peace and Blessings

01-05-2007, 03:47 PM
Hi Saysusie

"If anything can go wrong, it will!!"

It seems this is so true about my life lately.

Thanks for the well wishes