View Full Version : I've had an "atta girl" moment

11-09-2006, 10:55 AM
For the first time since I took sick in May I have cleaned my own house! I'm huffing and puffing; I have a raging Lupus rash :oops: across my face; and I'm pleased as punch with myself :D

My wonderful husband hired cleaning ladies for me as soon as the dust balls needed to kicked out of the way to walk through the living room ....but they just don't clean like I do, you know what I mean? So today I decided to give it a try and although I didn't get the whole house done before I pooped out, I at least was able to vacuum and dust!

Just thought I'd pass on my happy news!

psalm 56 3
11-09-2006, 11:15 AM
You go girl!! I know just how you feel. My house is in terrible need of a cleaning. I have noticed the exact same thing about the rash too. My husband can always tell if I have doing more than he thinks I should be doing just by that rash alone. He will get upset with me and say things like, "You know that is going to effect you." I tell him it was well worth it!!