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10-30-2006, 10:47 PM
:( i know i've dealt with this before...okay..not dealt with it..before when i was on tons of the stuff..i just ate and ate whenever i wanted. was just to depressed. well..even though i'm on a lower dose..i'm getting these bad hunger problems..i don't want to eat anything though..i don't want to blow up again. i've tried cheese..yogurt...milk. nothing seems to settle it. do you guys have any suggestions? something that you do that helps that could help me?

10-31-2006, 09:26 AM
I'm a snacker so for me it has to be something crunchy - I like air-popped popcorn sprited with a little butter spray, then I put it in a bag with some curry powder or a little cinnamon amd shake to coat - um! You can use whatever spices or seasonings you like - just stay away from salt. Instead of chips I try to substitute whole-wheat crackers or crispbread. Apples and pears are also good at this time of year and also high in fiber so they help you feel full, A tall glass of ice water will actually burn calories because your body's metabolism has to work to melt the ice. A cup of low-fat soup is hot and filling - again, just be careful about sodium content. Remember too that salt and sugar are hiding in a lot of sneaky places like tomato catsup, so check your labels!

Has your doctor talked to you about using a glycemic index chart to help manage your blood sugar while on prednisone? Researchers have found that different foods affect your blood sugar in different ways - the impact of a food can be measured by its glycemic index - the higher the number, the more impact on your blood sugar levels. Since prednisone affects your body's insulin response, part of the reason for the weight gain and increased risk of diabetes, using the chart can help you manage your blood sugar levels. Many diabetics are using this system now - also weight-loss prpgrams like Nutrisystem.

You can also do a search for negative calorie foods - these are foods that actually burn more calories to digest than they have. So choosing foods like these to fill up on can help you avoid the worst of the prednisone weight gain. And drinking lots of water to flush out your system will help a lot.

I am a coffee drinker, so I like to make coffee drinks with zero-calories flavoring syrups, decaf coffee and ice in the blender - those are often my dessert.

10-31-2006, 12:14 PM
thanks for the info! my rheumy never mentioned anything about maintaining my weight during the use of prednisone. i had mentioned a dietician..but he asked my family doctor to refer one. 9_9 not good..he sent me to the dietician at our local hospital..which would be fine if it was a good hospital. she basically treated me like i was just some person that has no control over what i eat and do it just because i'm lazy. =/ i stopped seeing her..my rheumy -is- into clinical weight management..but i don't know why he didn't want to work on it himself..maybe it's because i live so far away. i have to commute to see him. =(

but! thanks for the advice. i'm going to be getting lots of pears and apples today! lol i really appreciate the help. =)

10-31-2006, 12:27 PM
You can find books explaining the glycemic index at any bookstore in the diet/nutrition section - you can also find helpful books at the public library. I like to keep a pocket edition of the glycemic index book because you can keep it handy for shopping and eating out.

A lot of restaurants are offering better diet choices now, so your eating out options aren't limited to plain salads and grilled chicken any more. A lot of doctors don't really know how to advise you about avoiding weight gain, so this is an area where you really have to do some research on your own, and learn to read labels. Prednisone can make you really hungry, so it's a good idea to eat small meals more often instead of three big meals. Prednisone can cause fluid retention, so watching your salt intake is important.